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Work from home as a "Zirtual' Assistant

Zirtual offers home-based positions for virtual assistants

If you're a stay-at-home-mom or dad and you've been looking for an interesting way to make extra money from home, here is an exciting opportunity to look at, offered by a company named Zirtual.

This is a Dallas-based company that hires qualified people throughout the U.S.  to work from home as virtual assistants.  Rather than working as a virtual assistant for just one person, however, it appears that you would be servicing multiple clients in a typical workday, depending on the need.

Full Time positions

are available with full-time workers starting at about $12 per hour and with a full-time schedule of 9 am- 6 pm Monday through Friday.

The good news...?  Working full time also makes you eligible for health benefits.

Part Time Positions

are available as well with a schedule of 10am-4 pm Monday through Friday and with a starting wage of about $10 per hour.

Zirtual- Qualifications:

So that you know what to expect, here are some of the qualifications to work for this company:

Being a virtual assistant requires a positive attitude and a sunny disposition, mixed with a professional demeanor. (It's my personal belief that you'll go far if you make the decision to remain unflappable no matter what the circumstances, just my two cents, for what it's worth! )

You should have a strong desire to help your clients.

You should be efficient and respond quickly to any client requests.

You should possess great customer service skills!

Must be comfortable with online tools such as Google Docs, Microsof Word, Microsoft Excel and Outlook.

Must have a high-speed internet connection

Must have a solid landline or cell phone connection.

Should have great writing and communication skills.

Must be 18 or older with a High School Diploma or GED and one year of college or 24 college credits.

What you would do:

If you've ever worked as an administrative assistant, then this position would be very similar, except that you would be doing it in a virtual capacity and most likely for multiple clients.

With the state of technology today, you will be expected to be a pretty savvy internet researcher with great organizational skills and knowledge of MS Office systems, to boot!

Patience, efficiency and a good attitude are the name of the name for this type of a position.  Be prepared to work very hard to be successful.

My Take?

In my opinion, this is a job for a highly efficient and organized person, both of which I am not, which makes me wonder if this is a job that I would actually enjoy.  If you're given to bouts of being stressed or overwhelmed by looming deadlines, then you may wish to think about whether this job would be something you would truly want to pursue.

I know many people who thrive on the excitement, fun and unpredictability that this type of job can bring and others, like me, who prefer work that may be quite boring and repetitive for others.

What about you?  Where do you stand?  Please share in the comments below!

In the meantime, to apply with Zirtual, please click here.

Good luck.


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