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Work at Home-
From anywhere in the World

the big list of worldwide work at home jobs

It's a common question I get asked often by readers via email..

"Are there any work at home opportunities that are offered internationally?"

I'm here to assure you that yes, there are many work at home jobs based both inside and outside the U.S. 

I've run across many over the years and have finally decided to buckle down and  write down a comprehensive list of as many of them as I can find.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be looking, as I know there are many readers based internationally who are looking for something that will help them earn money from home.

Please also do be aware that these companies are not always hiring.

But as always, I urge you to check in regularly with the ones that interest you, so that you can jump on their next hiring opportunity.

One last thing to note is that pay can vary greatly from country to country so keep that in mind when you find one that interests you.

My BIG List of Worldwide Work at Home Jobs

Evaluate Search Engines

The neat thing about these positions are that they are a non-phone position. 

Let me clarify that you may be required to have a smart phone if you are evaluating web search results on a mobile
phone, however, you will not need to be answering calls in a sales or customer service capacity at all. 

( I "see" some of you wiping your brow in relief, no worries!)

You will need to be pretty handy dandy on your computer or smartphone and pay can vary wildly, as I stated above, from country to country.

Please see my page on this work opportunity here for a list of the current companies that hire worldwide here.


Transcription is easy enough that even I was able to do this work pretty easily and make some good money (and that's saying something!)

It's not for everyone. 

In fact, if you have too keen an eye for detail and are a bit of a prefectionist, you may want to think twice about this job opportunity. 

  I know that's probably  the opposite of everything you've ever heard when it comes to transcription.

But here's my take on it. 

You can either concentrate on your speed or concentrate on your accuracy.

If you concentrate on your speed, you will only get faster (and yes, more accurate with time). 

It's all about practice and repetition on those keys.

But if you drive yourself crazy trying to be 100% accurate while you are transcribing, you may go very slowly and it may discourage you to the point that you don't want to do it anymore.

I may be wrong, but that was my take on it. 


There are companies out there that allow you to work in the area of remote trancription from anywhere in the world.

Here are 4 of them :


So, working for this company means you would be an independent contractor.  (For U.S residents, this simply means that taxes aren't taken out of your paycheck). 

You' ll need to pass a transcription test and a background check.  

Pay is around $10 per 15 minutes per audio hour .


You can work on your own schedule, and you should be a native speaker of the language that you are transcribing. 

Pay is weekly and they do require that you have some experience


Transcriptionists from around the world are invited to test to become a transcriber with this company. 

Pay is somewhere around $5 to $20 per audio hour.


This company offers transcription and captioning work and best of all, you can apply from anywhere. 

Best to see my page on this company for the details on how to apply, 
what's required and pay:


There are many companies that hire translators who can work from home, in fact, I have a list of them that you can find here:

If you happen to live in Europe, then your best bet is to go  with this company:

It's a site for freelancers and they offer various positions. 

Right now, they are not looking for translators but they do have other projects available, so keep an eye on this site.

Virtual Assistants

This is a job that is in great demand worldwide right now.  To find out a little more on the topic of Virtual Assistants, check out my page on the topic here.

In the meantime, here are some companies that hire worldwide:

Contemporary VA

This company is not always hiring, again, I would suggest to keep an eye on them to see when they are.  

Right now, in checking on their careers page, it shows they are hiring in the U.S. and the U.K. 

Pay is usually around $10 per hour.

Time ETC

This company hires from the U.S. and U.K. and starting pay is around $11 per hour.


For those of you looking for part-time work, this company may be an ideal fit. 

They only require that you work a minimum of 5 hours per week ( and up to 25 hours per week). 

Starting pay is around $10 per hour.

Online Moderation

So, this is the online work of the future. 

Social Media is big and will only be getting bigger. 

Online Forums are popular too, and people are needed to moderate all the comments that are posted.

That's where you can step in and work from home ( and from anywhere in the world) as an online moderator. 

See my own page on this at:

Here are the companies to look at:

ICUC Moderation

This company is often looking for Social Media moderators and if you're bilingual, then all the better.


Hires for various assignments.

  Check out their site often for the newest job postings , such as moderators and customer service representatives.


Pay is reportedly on the lower end of the spectrum but they are often looking for online forum moderators and chat room moderators.

Website Testers

While these sites don't usually offer steady work, they do pay about $10 per test.  

You can expect to be testing websites for usability purposes. 

Here is my page on this topic:

And here are a couple of them that invite Internationally based users:


Open worldwide and pays $10 per test.


Also has availability worldwide and pay is the same as above.

Data Entry

Data Entry is a sticky subject with me.   

Mostly because there are so many scams out there. 

But there are companies that not only offer this type of work, they also offer them worldwide.

Here are two of those companies. 

Remember that data entry work can be low paying, unless and until you get very fast at doing it.


Various types of Data Entry work made available by many different companies. 

Pay varies. 

Please see my page on this website to find out how to register and get started as quickly as possible:

TheSmartCrowd (Lionbridge)

Data Entry type work is offered in many different spots throughout the world. 

Again the pay can be very low, but may be plentiful.

Online Tutoring

This is home-based work that can be highly rewarding.  

Many companies do hire worldwide. 

Most will require teaching certifications. 

One website that I know of does not require certification or a degree. 

See more below.

This is an online language tutoring service offered throughout the world. 

Students do get to choose their instructors.


This website is specifically looking for English language tutors, although the positions are available to applicants worldwide.


This company hires native English speakers worldwide who can teach conversational English to students living in China. 

No experience and no degree is required.

See more at my page on the topic at :


Here's a company that hires English teachers to work from home.  Pay may depend on your country of residence.  Should be able to speak English in a neutral accent.  

Should be able to work at least 3 hours a day Monday through Saturday, and at least 16 hours a week.   Find out more and apply below:

Customer Service Technical Support

This is a position that is greatly in demand right now.  

If you think you can work from home troubleshooting various computer/ software/system issues, (or if you think you can learn)
then I highly suggest you look into these types of jobs as they can pay nicely for your time.


Offers remote positions in the area of technical customer service (worldwide).


In recent days, I keep getting lots of e-mails about this company having positions available now. 

  They offer remote positions worldwide.

Customer Service ( Bilingual)

Amazon is one that hires an amazing amount of workers this time of year, as they gear up for the Holiday season.

Many jobs are in the U.S. but require those who speak a second language fluently (German, Italian, Spanish, etc).   Some are available outside of the U.S.

Keep an eye on the specific page listed below to see their newest openings throughout the world:


This company hires customer service reps who reside in the U.S and U.K to work from home. 

You may need to be bilingual.

What Else?

The list above should give you a good head start. 

Don't forget I have a Daily Job Leads page for Worldwide Jobs Here.

I have had people ask about other types of International Home-Based work , such as Nursing jobs from home, that are available outside of the U.S.

Unfortunately, I have not found any... yet.  

But I'll keep hunting.

In the meantime, good luck!

Have you tried any of the jobs above?  Let me know what you thought of them in the in the comments below...

> Worldwide Work at Home Jobs

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