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Working for West at Home is a Security Risk

by anonymous

West at Home requires that you install very invasive software that puts you at a high risk for infection from viruses and malware. The software is called "Assistant" but it should be called "I'm taking over your machine". They make you run the software three times per week which clears your browser cache and gives them access to all applications and services that are running on your machine that have nothing to do with your job. They make you turn off your anti-virus and anti-malware protection prior to the workday and claim their security suite protects your machine while you're connected to them. First off, if you get a virus, good luck proving it came from their system. And second, unless you remember each and every time you end your work day to turn your anti-virus and anti-malware back on prior to checking your personal email or browsing the web, your machine is wide-open for viruses and malware. They only work with Internet Explorer and will go through your non-IE-related applications and pressure you to get rid of them. And not only can they see what's installed and running on your system, they can see your IE browsing history and favorites. They justify it by saying they're protecting their clients, but no one is protecting you. You are literally handing over your valuable machine to people you will never meet. And they make it impossible to reach them by phone. Incidentally, their policy is that you can't get employment verification unless the prospective employer makes a formal request for verification, which puts your job with West at Home in jeopardy. Please do not work for this company!

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