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Finding Work with X act Telesolutions

 X Act Telesolutions offers virtual call center work opportunities to customer service professionals.

This company hires people who have call center experience and are willing to telecommute from home as an employee.

This means a couple of things:

Your taxes are automatically withdrawn for you

You are paid by the hour instead of by the call or by the minute.

It may also mean that you don't have as much flexibility in scheduling and instead that you will be on a set schedule set up by the company for you.

If you have really young children with changing nap times or are just in need of more flexibility in your schedule in general you may want to check out companies like Working Solutions or West at Home that provide highly flexible schedules for at home moms and dads!

You may be handling multiple clients for x Act Telesolutions,

(from all accounts they usually start you off with just two until you get the hang of it). That means that you may get a call
regarding an insurance claim one minute and then the next minute you will be getting a call from a potential University student asking about registration fees, class schedules or tuition.

Prepare to be busy with back to calls, the pay rate usually starts at about $8.00 per hour but there is opportunity to advance within the company.

Also, employees are offered medical, dental and life insurance benefits as well as paid time off.


Requirements, (check the website for pc requirements) include a quiet office environment ( no barking dogs or crying children) and a plantronics dsp series (100, 300,400 or 500) which you can
probably purchase if available at any Best Buy or Office Depot,

You can also purchase it online at Amazon.

One tip: the company seems to like applicants who put their availability at "Full-time" ... so keep that in mind. If the company likes your application, they will call you to set up an interview.

Depending on the project or "line" you will be on, you may have to do additional testing and a second interview before they let you know if they will hire you.

Don't be afraid to contact the company, either via phone or e-mail if they haven't contacted you after a few weeks, just to make sure that they received your application.

 To apply for work with X Act Teleslutions, visit their page here

Good luck!

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