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How Would You Like To Work From Home -
For Chanel

How cool would it be to work from home for Chanel?

 Would you love it or would you be terrified?

 I think I might actually be terrified. 

 But don't mind me, I'm such a scaredy-cat.

So,  the story here is that Chanel has hired VIP desk connect to find Elite customer service reps who would be willing to work from home for them.

 VIP desk connect has been around for some time in the work-at-home space.

In the past I seen many openings that they have available for virtual assistants and sales and customer service reps.

Work from home for Chanel-
Job Responsibilities:

Chanel is looking for brand ambassadors,  that would be customer service agents who would  seek to represent them well. 

More specifically, they are looking for a customer service agent who is professional, dedicated and passionate about  providing exceptional customer service for the Chanel brand.

You would be communicating with customers via phone email chat and social media.

Be prepared to assist customers with placing orders, general customer service and issues that may need a little appeasement and finesse.

Work From Home For Chanel-

 I know you're curious about the pay. So am I. But unfortunately pay isn't mentioned.

However, VIP desk connect generally pays their reps somewhere between $10 hour to $17.98 per hour.

Pay may be based on experience.


Which states are hiring

 Let's talk about which states are hiring right now so you know whether to read a little further.

Right now the company is currently hiring from the following states :

 Wisconsin Arizona Virginia Colorado Utah Tennessee Florida Ohio Nevada Georgia New Mexico Illinois New Jersey Indiana and North Carolina.


 in order to work for VIP desk connect you must have a home office and internet connection a phone headset and a computer system that meets all company policies and maintenance requirements.

 You should be available to work weekends

 You should have experience in customer service

 You should have excellent verbal and written communication skills

 You should have experience with luxury Brands and serving affluent customers

 You should be detail oriented, able to multitask, and a commitment to be excellent at your job.

 You should have a high school diploma or a GED they do prefer that you have a college degree but it is not required.

 You should be able to pass a credit check a criminal background check and an employment reference security check.

You should just be you!

Seriously, don't take all the above too seriously.  Just be the best you that you can be.  You've got this!


 The next training class will begin on or about May 29th.

Class time will be Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern.

 You will be attending training remotely via a web camera and you will need to have a noise free home office that meets their requirements.

 Still interested?

 Check out the link below to apply and I wish you the best of luck !

- - Work For Chanel

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