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Dating Site OKCupid Hiring Now

OkCupid is a dating site that is looking for full-time work at home online moderators right now.

 Guess what, the really cool part is that they provide you a computer and they reimburse you for any home office set-up cost.

 As of this writing it does appear that they are hiring in all US states.

 Here's more coolness coming your way.

They also offer full benefits including:

Medical,  Dental, Vision and 401k.


A little about OKCupid

 Currently the customer support team numbers about 20 to 25 people.

According to the company, having a smaller team leads to more opportunities for their employees to cross-train, meaning that they get a feel for responsibilities in other departments.

I can say from personal experience, that working within a a smaller team can lead to great camaraderie, a larger knowledge base,  and also a feeling of being a part of something meaningful, as you build the company together, from the ground up.

Another perk is that you may get awesome seniority, as the company continues to build and add on employees that you in turn can help to train and mentor.

What They're Looking For In Their Customer Care Reps

 The OKCupid team is looking for customer service reps who have anywhere from one to five years of experience in a customer service environment.

 You should be able to understand complicated issues and respond appropriately and thoughtfully and considerately.

Tip: One of the main things that companies are looking for in their customer care reps is : Empathy. 

Want to be a rock star in your interview?  Think on and prepare one story of an instance where you showed empathy to a client of yours and make sure to tie it in to a happy ending: 

A sale, a good review, or a crisis averted.

I'm telling you-  interviewers LOVE to hear these types of stories!

What Else?

  You should be articulate and conversational.

You should be experienced with Android and/or iPhone apps.

 You should be reliable.

And of course, you should be able to work independently from home .

 if you're interested in applying please click on the link below to find out more details.

 Good luck !

- - Work For OKCupid

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