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Work at Home Phone Interviewer

by Valerie Means
(United States)


Hello. So glad to find your blog. I just got newly hired as a phone interviewer with Call Center QA (a large quality assurance company).

However, I'm only one day old on my new job. I make $5 per call but this is not enough income for me. I want to find a work at home job that requires no experience, or at least where I can get legitimate training.

I have a pleasant voice and a smile in my attitude!! I need something fast and part-time. I have no children, I'm single and have chosen the work at home because I don't have transportation at the moment.

I thought about Voicelog possibly but if you have any advice for someone who can type pretty fast (about 50wpm, o.k not too fast) and knows how to send emails, and surf the web. I need about $1000-1500/mth income. Please, help me out. I'm teachable and willing. Thank you much, Sincerely, Valerie Means. Oh, I do plan on keeping my job with Call Center QA. What about data entry work. It has to be working from home though.


Hi Valerie!

Have you looked at chat jobs?

Having a chat job might be able to combine the best of your skills. It combines great customer service with fast and accurate typing skills.

I have compiled a list of companies that offer jobs in the area of chat. In order to make the type of money you are looking to make, I would think you would need to work about 30-40 hours a week, depending on the company that you work for.

Please see:

As far as Data Entry work from home, I rarely recommend it as a viable means of getting a good paycheck. The pay rate is very low and it is hard to get into a quality data entry job assignment. However, if you want to just keep an eye on when these jobs become available, there are a few companies to look at and I will post a list of them below:

I might also suggest that you look at specific home based customer service companies like Alpine Access and Westat that offer a better wage than what you are currently getting through the company that you work for.

Alpine Access offers part-time and full-time work and benefits:

Hope this helps and good luck!

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