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Work at Home For Amazon

Work at home for Amazon seasonally

Amazon is one of those companies that I regularly mention on my work at home jobs blog page right around the start of the Holiday season, (which seems to be earlier and earlier these days, but October seems to be a reasonable start to the Holiday season).

I mention this company regularly on my blog because they offer work at home positions in the area of customer service work, both via phone and via e-mail.

These positions are offered year round, however, the majority of them are offered seasonally, to offset the enormous buying frenzy of the holiday season.

These seasonal positions are mostly temporary but every once in a while, you'll see a permanent position being offered by the company.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these job offerings can lead to a permanent customer service position with the company, if they find that you have done an outstanding job.

Work at home for Amazon:
What you would be doing:

Because of my own Amazon business, I have spoken to many an Amazon associate in my time and have long suspected that the reps that I speak to are home-based reps.  And indeed, through researching this opportunity to work at home for Amazon, I have found that this is the case!

A seasonal customer service rep who works for Amazon will basically have the task of dealing with customer questions about the status of an order, delivery dates, cancellations, replacement orders, exchanges, etc.

As a rep trained to work at home for Amazon, you will be versed on how to respond to customer inquiries via phone or e-mail but the vast majority of your work time will be devoted to helping customers over the phone because that is how most people communicate with Amazon.


Taking a look at the pay scale, it appears that your rate of pay will depend on what state you reside in, and the minimum wage laws for your state, however, the rate of pay is usually somewhere around $10 per hour.  One neat thing that I uncovered through my research is that the company does give out bonuses from time to time but no word on whether that is incentive-based but I imagine that it would be.


So, if you are hired on to work for the company, one interesting thing to note is that you will be hired on as an employee of the company and not an independent contractor.

For more info on the differences between working as an employee and working as an independent contractor, please click here.

I'm curious as to why they do this if the positions they hire for are temporary but regardless, since you would be hired on as an employee, know that there is a possibility that you will be eligible to receive some benefits.

I suspect that only employees who are hired on permanently will have access to medical/health and 401k benefits.

However,  from all accounts, even seasonal employees get access to some other benefits such as paid time off and, get this: an employee discount.



I would suggest checking the job site for technical requirements.  (I will post a link to the company website below).

However, the tech requirements for this position are similar to what other companies require:

A desktop computer

A dedicated land-line

Windows 7 or 8     64 bit

And the company does require that you have at least one year of customer service experience.

Just a note here:  Please remember that customer service can apply to almost any job out there.  Don't let a lack of experience in customer service "phone-work" deter you from applying to this company!

Please note that they are not always hiring,  so if the link below does not work, it may be that they are not hiring at this time.  In that case, you can always search for :Amazon, work at home positions.


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