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Wolfgang Research

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Wolfgang Research is a company that hires freelance workers to conduct courthouse research for their clients. The work involves travel to your local county courthouse where you will locate and then input information onto an excel spreadsheet (or something similar) and then get paid for every record that you put into their system.

There is not always work available so I suggest that you apply to see if they have an opening available in your area. Even if they do not need a courthouse researcher right now, there may be need of one in the future.

If hired, Wolfgang Research will teach you how to collect the information that they require and if there is a need in your area for courthouse researchers, you may be up and running in less than a week!

The nice thing about working as a courthouse researcher is that you are an independent contractor, you get to create your own schedule and choose your own hours.

Also, don't forget that all of your mileage is tax dedcutible at .55 cents per mile! ( Make sure to keep accurate records of your mileage for tax purposes!)

Pay may depend on the project that you are assigned to but typically, you can expect to receive .25 for each record put into their excel database.

Is the pay worth your time? It depends on you, how much you like the work and ultimately, how fast you can collect the records. Many courthouse researchers start out only making a few dollars an hour but then over time, as they get used to the work, they may find they will get faster and faster at locating and putting in the information.

There are courthouse researchers who stay at the typical $10 or so per hour but there are many more who go fast enough to earn $18 an hour.

If you are interested, give it a try but also give it some time as that kind of speed will only come along with determination and perseverance.

This company used to have a "no compete" clause which meant that they did not hire independent contractors who were currently working for one of their competitors such as Sunlark Research.

They have recently changed their policy to allow their workers to work for other companies as well as their own.

If you wish to apply, Wolfgang Research now uses a company called IT BossResearch to handle all of their incoming applications.

To visit Wolfgang Research click here

To apply, click here to visit IT BossResearch

Don't forget to check out information on other courthouse research companies, you'll find a list of them here!

Good luck!

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