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Williams Sonoma is Hiring

williams sonoma work at home job

Here's a job lead coming from home furnishings company Williams- Sonoma.

Right now, they are offering work at home jobs in the following states:

AL, TX, FL, OK, GA, OH, NC, NV and UT.

I love to check out work at home message boards to see feedback on companies . 

So far, the feedback I've been seeing on Williams-Sonoma as a work at home employer has been very good.

According to posts on some of these various work at home message boards, the training they provide is great.

Let me tell you, having worked for various work at home companies in the past, you want a company that will set you up for success by providing you with great training.

And if it's paid training, it's even better!

And good news: it appears this company does offer paid training. Yeah!

Side note:

If you're curious which companies provide great training for their people, check out this onethis one,  and this one. 


As far as qualifications,  it appears that you would need to have a high school diploma, or your GED, as well as at least one year of customer service experience.

Pretty standard!

How Much Do They Pay?

Ok, let's talk about pay.

Pay looks to be about $12 an hour.

Here's the cool part:

As an employee of Williams- Sonoma, you are eligible to receive a 40% discount on most of the merchandise they sell.

I love perks like that, don't you?

Also, some benefits may be offered, most likely to their full-time employees.

Your Job Responsibilities:

Working for Williams-Sonoma, you would be classified as a Virtual Customer Service Representative.

Here's what you can expect to be doing:

As a customer service agent, you would be speaking to customers in regards to their order status, delivery information and product questions.

Take out your negotiator hat.

You may need to help customers who are unhappy, with their purchase, a delivery delay, or any other inconvenience that would cause them to call in and work things out.

Happily, you may be doing more than just helping unhappy customers of course!

Your other responsibilities may include checking inventory, helping customers with their returns, or issuing refunds for defective merchandise.


There are full and part-time positions available and for those moms who have kids and carpool duties, (or any other scheduling  needs) it appears that they have split shifts available.

Pretty cool, right?


A new training class is started on May 13th ( 2019), so if you're interested, be sure to apply quickly!

Best of luck...

Check out the job lead below:


- - Williams Sonoma

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