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What is my best bet? (Home-Based Work)

by Stephanie R. Lovett
(Norcross, Ga)


I am a 24 year old mom of a 19 month old son, and a baby girl due Sept 2014. My husband is a song writer which gives us a lot of flexibility on schedule. I don't want to have a 9-5 per say because of travel costs, time and the fact that I breastfeed and have planned to continue breastfeeding once my daughter arrives. I don't have any college experience, but I do have a lot of work experience. I'm a fast typer 50wph (and more if I practice) and I have great customer service. Since I love talking to people, and helping others I thought maybe working for Arise will work. However, right now we have a lot on our plate and to find the budget to pay the fees is going to take a few weeks. Wondering if I have other options as far as an online job. I have a computer, home phone, cell phone and great health! Any companies that you think I need to look into to get some extra income flowing. Thank you so greatly!!

FWAHJ's answer::

Hi Stephanie!

It sounds to me like you need a work at home position that allows for you to:

Travel with your husband at a moment's notice

Care for your child at the drop of a hat

And allows you to be able to use your skills as a fast typist, while paying you a decent wage.

If you had sent me this question even a few years ago, I would probably have recommended that you look into transcription.

For at look at transcription opportunities, please click here.

The only problem with transcription work is that it can be very low paying unless you are VERY fast at typing (I'm talking 90wpm).

However, that is always an option and it is a very flexible pick up and go type of job that allows for you to work around your schedule.

You mostly do not have to work at any set time of the day, you would just have deadlines to meet.

A better option, however, (in my opinion at least) is working in the area of Home-Based Chat work.

I say that because the pay is worlds better but it still allows you a lot of the flexibility that you crave.

You don't have to have a landline, just a good computer (please see each individual company's technical requirements), so you can pick and go when you need to.

Also, since you are not on the phone, you don't have to worry about any background noise that your baby or other family members might make ... which might be important if your husband is a musician! =)

Chat work is becoming increasingly more common and available so check my Job leads page often for the any new work in chat that I come across:

and here is a list of companies that hire people just like you to work in the area of home-based chat:

Best of luck!

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