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Details on what you can expect if you decide to work for WeGoLook as an independent contractor

I know many friends who are looking for a quick way to start making extra money online or offline without the headache of working a part time second job or starting your own business.  There are no quick and easy fixes out there but if you are ready to do a little hard work, then WeGoLook just might be what you are looking for.

The premise of this company is very simple:

If you are a buyer that is looking to buy an expensive item that is listed for sale on the internet  (for example eBay or Craigslist) and do not live in the city where the item is located, you can hire one of the over
7,000 "Lookers"  available through this company to:

1.  Verify the item's existence

2.  Make sure the item is in working order

3.  Prove the item's existence and condition via pictures and/or video and a written report about the condition of the item.

This where you come in!

Basically you would be working as a "Looker" to complete tasks that these buyers cannot complete themselves, (usually because the item that they need to check or the task that they need to have completed is in another state, etc) and so they need to hire someone to complete the task for them.

As a "Looker" you can expect that you will get paid for the tasks you complete. 

The tasks could be verifying the existence and condition of the item, as noted above, or it may just be checking on a rental property or a construction project, deliver an item to be shipped or arrange for the transportation of the item.

Lookers can also be sent out to run errands for buyers, etc

All lookers must undergo a criminal background check.  You will also not be privy to the buyers personal information such as phone number or other personally identifiable information, that is for your safety and theirs.

So, what are my thoughts on this company?


I think it is a great idea, so much so that I signed up with the company myself just to check it out and see what type of assignments were available in my area.

I'm disappointed to report that I have not received any potential assignments but to be fair, I do live a considerable distance from a big city. 

I would assume that if you live in a big city or even within close proximity of one, you will be kept busy but that is a guess and certainly not an educated one at that as I have not actually worked with clients of this company.

As with other work of this nature, I am fairly certain that you will not be able to work full time for WeGoLook; (simply because there may not be enough work available) so instead this could be thought of as a way to start making extra money in your spare time or on weekends.

  Don't forget to keep track of your mileage as any travel you perform is tax deductible!

(That adds up fast, believe me)

Please always be cautious when you are meeting people for the purposes of this type of work as well, I know that goes without saying. 

Have you completed some tasks for WeGoLook?  If you have, I would be very curious to hear your thoughts on how you think it went, please comment in the boxes below!

Good luck!

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