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Find work as a Website Tester and make some extra!

Make extra money as a website tester!

Take a look at a  few legitimate companies/websites that offer a neat way for anyone to make money while online... as a site usability tester.

This may be perfect for high school or college students, retired folks, stay at home moms (or really anyone at all) who enjoy being on the internet and would like to be earning cash online on the side while doing so.

How does it work?

Getting set up as a website tester is a very simple process.  There are no qualifications or requirements that you have to meet other than being computer literate and feeling comfortable with navigating through various websites.

To get started, you would simply need to go the websites I detail below (I have listed several that are seeking website testers).

You willl need to apply to work as a usability tester and if your application is accepted, then you will be eligible to accept jobs as they become available on the website.

You will take a sample test which will include being on the phone and the internet at the same time.

During this test, you will be navigating through a sample website and giving your impressions of what you see (that is where being on the phone comes in).

The company would basically like to see how well you can articulate your thoughts on the website layout, how easy or difficult it is to navigate through it and other impressions you have of the site.

This is your chance to think out loud and get your opinions heard, so don't be shy about expressing yourself but do try to be as clear and articulate as you can!

One more thing, (and this is just my opinion) try to stay positive as you go through the tester website.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that these companies want to know the truth about how to better their websites , I just suggest finding things to say that are helpful rather than critical.  You may find that you will get accepted for more usability tester assignments if you keep a positive attitude!

How often can you expect to work?

Jobs can be few and far between because in order to be a site usability tester for a site, you must be within the demographic they are searching for. This will depend on which site is being tested.

Also, available jobs are snatched up quickly, so it is best to respond quickly if you receive an e-mail alerting you to an available job!


Pay is $10.00 per reviewed site and each review will usually take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

So, I wouldn't count on this as a significant way for you to be earning cash online but it's really not bad when you consider that it pays $10.00 for only 15-20 minutes of work.

And, although the frequency of available jobs may not be as often as you would like it to be, even if you only do 10 in one month, that is an extra $100.00 in your pocket! Seems like a great way for anyone to make money while online!

Below are three companies that hire website testers,  Good luck!

Click here to apply to be a site usabilty tester with,

Userlytics is another company that hires website testers, you can find their website here.

I have since updated this information with a list  of 10 more companies that  need website testers.  Be sure to check out my list via the link below:

13 Companies that Pay you to test websites


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