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A Work at Home Company that is ALWAYS Hiring

virtual receptionist gabbyville

If you are looking to work as a virtual receptionist,  I've got the scoop on a company that's hiring now, named Gabbyville.

Let me backtrack a little to explain what I look for in a work at home company (this is me personally, just my opinion!)

For me, it's really important that I enjoy the people that I work with. 

A good, positive atmosphere is way more important to me than how much I get paid.

Right now, I'm looking for both (lol) but if it comes down to the wire, I'm 100% going to choose a workplace with managers and co-workers that I will enjoy working with over a place that doesn't have that (even if it offers a better paycheck).

Maybe I'm just getting more idealistic in my old age!

I mention this because, in researching this company, I was able to speak with the hiring manager and he was able to give me the rundown on how this company operates, and I was impressed.

I would love to work for a company like this!

Let me share with you what I found out:

So first, let me tell you what this company is looking for in their virtual receptionists.

Gabbyville is looking to hire positive minded, energetic people who are GREAT on the phone. 

If hired, you would basically be an answering service, answering calls for a variety of different business owners. 

Your clients would vary from  large companies with hundreds of employees,  to start-ups working out of their Grandmother's basement (their words, not mine!)

You would be taking messages, scheduling appointments and transferring calls. 

They will want you to have prior receptionist experience. 

Ever answer calls at your previous job? 

Then you're good. 

(Just make sure to note this in the "qualifications" section of your resume)  

You need to have good typing speed and very important: you need to have good internet speed available to you. 

They require that you have 25MBPS. 

You could find out your speed via the speed test link found at the bottom of this page.

You'll also need to have a good typing speed,  and they will ask you to submit your typing test results from the following website:

Sound good so far?

Then this is what they offer:

They will pay for your training, provided you are still with the company after a probationary period of about one month.

You will be considered an employee of the company

(which is great, because you will get paid by the hour regardless of call volume and you won't have to worry about setting aside state and federal income tax deductions)

  but you will start off as an Independent contractor for the first few months until the company switches you over to employee status.


Pay is $9.50 an hour, which may seem low but they have a few perks that may make up for this.

First, they offer paid time off for major holidays.

Second, they do offer a raise of $1.00 after one year of working for the company, given you have a good adherence rate (good attendance).

Third, they offer what is called "ocurrences" , which is basically sick time, that they will pay you for. 

You get 8 occurrences a year, which covers pay for 8 entire work days.

Here's the kicker:  If you don't use your 8 occurrences in one year, the company will not only pay for those 8 days at the end of the year, they will double it, and pay you for 16 days!


Fourth, Gabbyville offers unlimited overtime


Not only do you get guaranteed a full time 40-hour work schedule, you can work as much overtime as you want; it is uncapped.

So, if you're saving up for a cool vacation or you just want an extra big paycheck, you can choose to go in to work a bit early, or stay a bit late and take advantage of that overtime pay.


The company is only open Monday-Friday, so you have weekends off. 


A little more on Training and Schedules:

As I mentioned earlier, this is full-time work and so you can expect to work a 40 hour workweek.

Currently, the company offers 3 different schedules. 

I wasn't able to find out which shifts they offer, but you would be assigned to one of them.

If you need days off, that's no problem as long as you plan ahead and let the company know.

Training usually only takes 3-4 days, or until you feel comfortable enough to be live on the phones.

Training will consist of you shadowing a more experienced virtual receptionist for 1-2 days, and when you're ready to get on the phones, they will shadow you for about 1 day, giving you time to ask questions between calls, and generally get more comfortable with the different scenarios you will be dealing with.

Interested in applying?

If so, the company requires you gather the following:

Please provide a screenshot of your Internet speed from

Please provide your typing test results from

Please provide a screenshot of your Twilio speed from

Then simply send the above information along with your resume and cover letter to :

If they like your resume, they will get back to you pretty quickly (usually within one day).

Be sure to check your spam folder in case the message lands there!

If you get hired, the only pieces of equipment you will need will be a computer, high speed internet, a USB headset ( they will let you know which one but I believe they use Plantronics brands)

and a quiet office space.

They need people who can start immediately and are hiring in the following states right now: TN, MO, SC, NC, TX, FL, NJ, CO.

One more thing that I think you'll like. 

The hiring manager at Gabbyville, told me that they are ALWAYS hiring for this virtual receptionist position.

Pretty cool.

So, what do you think?  Does this sounds like one of the best virtual receptionist jobs out there, or what??!

Let me know in the comments below, and best of luck!

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