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UHaul : Get your foot in the door of the work at home world

A review of the work at home opportunity offered by Uhaul.

When I have readers contact me to ask how to get started with working at home with no experience, I always tell them the same thing:

Just get your foot in the door.

This company offers a great way for anyone to do this.  Uhaul offers entry level work at home positions in the area of reservations and customer service to those those aged 16 and up.

Granted, they do say that you should have some customer service experience but for those of you who don't think that you have any experience in that regard, I almost promise that you do. 

Play up any job or volunteer opportunity in which you have offered service to a client, co-worker, student, etc !

What kind of work can you expect to be doing?

Uhaul offers home-based work in the area of reservations sales and customer service.

You may be answering questions about products offered by the company as well as other benefits such as storage facilities and fees to rent a truck.

There are also jobs available in the area of roadside assistance and there are jobs available for Canadians who are bilingual in English/French.

Requirements to work for Uhaul

You'll need to have your own computer or laptop with a Windows XP, Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 or 8 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

You'll also need to have your own USB headset. 

You can find an example of a USB headset here.

No landline phone is required!

This company uses VOIP instead of landline phones but you will need to be able to download that software onto your computer.  They will help you with the set up.

(VOIP uses the internet to connect you to others, similar to a phone without any of those bothersome long distance charges).

Again, you'll need to be at least 16 years of age with a High School Diploma or a GED. 

Also while prior experience is preferred it is not absolutely necessary.


You should be able to comfortably navigate your way around a computer.  The company requires that you have a typing speed of at least 25  words a minute.

You'll be expected to work a part-time schedule of at least 32 hours per week, including some nights and weekends.

Training lasts for 4 weeks and you do get paid for the time that you spend training.  You also get a $50 bonus if you complete all the provided training.

Pay averages about $7.50- $8.50 per hour.

However, the company offers bonuses for booking rentals, which can bump up your pay to about $14-$15 per hour.

If you end up working a full-time schedule, you may also be eligible to receive some benefits such as Medical and a 401(k).

My Take?

I have often said that in order to get your foot in the door within the work at home world, you have to start somewhere.  You just need a little experience under your belt and a great resume piece that proves that you are able to handle yourself with integrity and reliability when working form home.  Nothing says this better than a successful bout of employment with a known and reputable work at home company.

If employers see that you are no stranger to the discipline and hard work that it takes to work from home, you will be a much more attractive candidate for that next and better paying work at home position that you have your eye on.

And, to be fair, Uhaul is not a bad start when it comes to working from home.    By all accounts, people who have worked for this company have been pretty happy with it.  The only thing that I have seen people complain about has been the pay.

So whether, this job is for you, as a stay at home mom or dad, or perhaps your teen, this job may offer a great way to make a nice part-time income, all from the comfort of home.

To find out more or to apply to work for Uhaul, please click here.

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