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Looking for Udemy Course Discounts?
I'll do you one better

Get Udemy courses for free

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Looking for Udemy course discounts?

 If you haven't visited, I highly suggest you check it out.

They offer courses on every subject you can imagine, from photography, to working from home, to teacher training, fitness, and the list goes on and on.

These courses can range in price from $20-$500+. But I'm going to show you 3 ways you can get many Udemy courses for free or at a deep discount.

So, let's get started, shall we?

Udemy Course Discounts
1.  The Easy Way

So, let's start out with a really easy way to get some free Udemy courses:

You will need to sign up at:

It's free and once you do, you can start adding courses that you're interested in to your account.

Once you've done that, simply go to the top left of the page where it says "browse courses", type in the word "FREE"

in the box provided and you will see all the Udemy courses that are free for that day.

You can also sort the courses by subject to narrow down your choices. Simple, right?

Here's a picture of what that would like below:

Udemy courses

Udemy Course Discounts
2. $100-$500 courses for free

Now, let's take a look at how to get the more expensive courses for free.

All Udemy authors rely on feedback to get their courses off the ground, so almost all of them will give away free coupon codes to their courses when they are first released, in the hopes of getting feedback and building buzz for their course.

The forum that they go to to post these free coupon codes is:

The link above will take you to the Best Blackhat forum site where you will need to register a username and password to use the site.

Then, once you register, go back to the link above as it will take you to the exact section of the forum with the codes.

Skip the first three threads and you will see the threads with the Udemy course names and codes inside the threads.

Here's a picture of what that would look like:


best black hat forum free udemy courses

Be aware that these codes go quickly so, they may "sell out" before you are able to grab them, but new codes are posted all day every day, so I suggest you just keep checking back several times a day.

First, click on the course that you think would interest you:

Then, just right click and open the free coupon code in a new tab

(see the picture below)

or copy and paste it into a new tab and it will take you right to Udemy with the free coupon code already loaded in for you!

best black hat forum

If this is confusing , just see the audio/video version of this here.

You will then be taken to where the course will be free ( if it's not free, keep reading that thread  until you see the newest free coupon code OR, just accept that the coupon code sold out and move on, sorry!)  Here's what it should look like if the coupon code is still active:


Cool, right?

3. One last way to get free courses:

The following website will also post free Udemy coupon codes from time to time : 

Update:  This site is no longer active.

Simply go to the search bar and type in the words:

"100% OFF"

to see the newest free Udemy coupon codes. They don't always have them but it's a worth a shot. Also, please note it takes a few minutes for this site to compile the free courses list for you.

You can also search Facebook for Udemy coupon code groups, as well as Twitter and Google+.

Get Udemy courses at a deep discount

 Some of my favorite courses on Udemy are the well established courses with thousands of reviews.

However, those are worth a pretty penny. For example, my favorite course of all time on Udemy is How I made $100,000 my 1st year selling on Ebay No inventory .

I just found out this week that this is also the #1 business course on Udemy and I am not surprised about that one bit.

Great course, but I really didn't want to pay the $299 price tag, so what did I do? I waited. You see, once a month Udemy will have a sale of
95-97% off all of their courses.

So, if there is a course you are dying to get, seriously , just wait a couple of weeks and save yourself a couple of hundred dollars. 

Hope this helps and enjoy. =)

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