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Ubiqus, A company that offers Online Transcription Work ... from the comfort of your own home!

Ubiqus offers employment to experienced transcriptionists who wish to do transcription from home!

They have different varieties of transcription work available such as :

General transcription

Legal transcription

Medical Transcription

As well, they offer employment in other areas such as:

Foreign Language Transcription


among other positions they may have available.

General transcriptionists will need to have a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute.

Legal transcriptionists are needed as well, especially if you have a background as a court reporter, stenographer or verbatim shorthand writer.

If so, you can expect that you may be transcribing court hearings, depositions or any other similar type of legal meeting.

How much does Ubiqus Pay?

Of course, one really important question is how much the company pays their workers for transcription work.

One thing to note is that pay may be different depending on whether you do corporate (general) transcription or legal transcription.

One thing for sure is that legal or general transcription pay will be lower than medical transcription pay. That mostly has to do with the fact that medical transcription is a little more specialized.

Generally, this company pays aproximately .0054 cents per word, or 100 words for .54 cents. That is generally the same as the industry standard.

The work, from all accounts, may not be steady at first but once you are established at the company (which just means that you have been there a while), you can expect to get more work.

How do you get assignments?

First, you should that know you will have more opportunities to take on available work if you are knowledgeable in more than one type of transcription work.

It is a great idea to put yourself as available to take more than one project or "specialty" so that you will have steady work, if this is what you want!

Generally, when ,there is available work, the company will call you to ask if you are interested in taking on the work.

They will let you know:

The Type of work

The length of the audio


The turnaround time

(or when they expect you to have the work turned in by)

You can expect the turnaround time to be anywhere from next day to 3 days. So yes, there is a deadline that the company expects you to meet!

You can take the work if you are interested or decline the job if you cannot do it.

However, the more jobs you take and the less you decline , the more steady the work may be for you!

Also, if you find the company has not called to offer you work in a while, don't be afraid to call them and ask if they have available work for you.

Many people I have spoken to have noted that many times they will call the company and ask for work and the company will happily find work to give them!

From my research, all of the people I have spoken to say that Ubiqus is a very pleasant company to work for.

Remember that this company only accepts online applications. If your application meets their preliminary qualifications, you will be contacted to go further in the application process.

For more information or to apply with Ubiqus, please visit the company website here!


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