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Type at Home With Cambridge Transcription

If you are looking for a transcription job that allows you to type at home, you may want to consider Cambridge Transcription.

Cambridge Transcription hires both legal and corporate transcriptionists for part time positions on site or off site!

Working for this company, you can expect to be transcribing electronic documents of audio and video recorded proceedings of the following:

  • Lectures

  • Interviews

  • Webcasts


  • Conference Calls

What are the requirements to work as a transcriptionist for Cambridge Transcription?

If you are looking to be a corporate transcriptionist and have some experience in transcribing documents, then this very well may be the company for you!

The requirements to type at home with the company are pretty minimal:

  • Must be a good typist
  • Should be knowledgeable in English grammar

  • Must have good attention for detail and be able to follow specific instructions.

    That's it! Pretty simple right?

    If you are looking to be a legal transcriptionist the requirements are the same as above and there are just a couple more as well:

Must have at least one year of experience transcribing legal hearings, depositions arbitrations, and/or have court reporting experience.

Not much to sweat about there either.

As with any job, they are looking for people that are reliable and also knowledgeable about computer equipment and software applications.

It is important to note that they are only hiring for part time positions right now, so this might be a great side job or a great job for moms who have young children at home and just want some extra money coming in now and then.

If indeed you have experience in legal transcription, make sure to describe the types of legal proceedings transcribed by you, don't be afraid to brag, this will only help you!

To apply with Cambridge transcriptions,

please click here

Good luck!,

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