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Traveling or Mobile notary

by Mrs. Carr
(Chicago, IL.)


I recently assisted someone in the completion of a mortgage refinance. To my surprise there was no title and trust company to go to. They instead sent out a mobile notary with all of the paperwork. Do you have any knowledge of these jobs or how to get them. I did my research on how to become a notary but am wondering how lucrative it would be. I also want to thank you for this site I have been working from home for two years now and I love it but I am looking for something that gives me more money.

Thank you in advance for help!'s Answer:

Yes, I have heard of mobile notaries and in fact, having been a notary years ago for the Banking company I worked for many years ago, I wish that I had kept up my notary certification because starting a mobile notary business seems like an interesting and flexible way to make an income.

Like any business that you may start up, there are definite risks, mostly that you won't be able to find and build up the clientele that you need in order to make your mobile notary business worthwhile.

Also, I have found that just getting certified as a notary public for your state is not enough. If you really want to have an abundance of assignments, you will want to get some training on how to conduct signings for mortgage closings and or mortgage refinancings from someone experienced in conducting these types of signings.

The reason?

If you are well versed in how to conduct these types of signings, you will gain a great professional reputation with many of these mortgage companies who are looking for mobile notaries who can conduct these specific types of signings and they will be more likely to hire you again.

Also, learning your craft from an experienced mentor is smart for networking reasons... Companies that are looking to give you assignments will want to first know that you are reliable and professional so they usually require at least 3 professional (notary) references!

So my suggestion is to get out there and network with other mobile notaries, for your own benefit!

(Don't know where to find notaries in your area? Don't worry, I will give you a great place to search for a few in your area in just a moment).

As far as how much you can expect to make, it really depends on you and how much you pour into your business.

But on average, many mobile notaries claim to make anywhere from $30,-75,000 a year.

Typically, when you go to a notary, the fee you will pay is anywhere from $10-15.

So, if you are just signing a simple form that takes about 15 minutes to complete, expect to make about that much.

However, if you are conducting a signing for a mortgage closing, your fee as a notary can be anywhere from $50 (on the low side) to $80 - plus your travel fee ( which averages to about $30, more if you are traveling a great distance for the signing).

So you can see where, if you schedule a few signings a day, you can make a nice amount of money.

One tip that I hear from many mobile notaries is this: If you really want to be successful, then you have to be the one to say "YES" to potential assignments.... even the ones that are during inconvenient times (evenings, weekends).

Be available for these assignments and make it a rare event to say "no" to an assignment and guess what.... you will get a steady stream of assignments being offered to you.

(I know that this is easier said than done!)

I'm sorry if this was a very long winded answer but I hope it helped you!

By the way, to find local mobile notaries near you and to find just about the best information out there on how to start a mobile notary career, you just have to check out this awesome website:

And here are a few companies that hire mobile notaries to get you started:

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