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Translator Jobs for foreign language professionals

...Here's a list of translator jobs put forward by respected and legitimate companies... the best part?  Most of them will let you telecommute!

If you have a college degree and you are bilingual, then you may just want to think about becoming a language translator. 

Many of them are work at home jobs which make them even more attractive for many people, especially for those who are looking to bring in a second income or for those who just want a little part time job that will help them bring in some extra money.

With the increase in telecommunications worldwide, translation jobs are no longer limited to certain countries. 

While English to Spanish translators are still in high demand, now there is also a need for Mandarin/or Cantonese translators, Japanese, German, Arabic translators and the list goes on. 

Bet you never thought that being bilingual was such a big asset!

Check out the companies below for more information on translator jobs.  Remember that they may not all be hiring right now but don't let that deter you from going through the list and applying with the companies that have openings, then just sit back and watch what happens! 

Good luck!

Virtual Translator Jobs

1.  Ubiqus Translation

This company offers foreign transcription work.  I have written a page on the types of general transcription work that they have available.  You can see this page by clicking here.

For more information on this company's foreign transcription program, visit the site and/or apply by clicking the link below. translator jobs

2.  Academic Word

Hires academic translators and editors with academic writing experience.  To get the application process started, visit the site by clicking below:


Wintranslation offers foreign language translator jobs to candidates from time to time.  If they are not hiring right now, be sure to check back often:


Accurapid is always on the lookout for experienced and talented language translators.  If you think you fit the bill, check out the company website for more information:


The company offers various types of services to their clients from foreign language translation to website translation.  To submit your resume, please click the link below:

6.  African Translation

This company is a little unique in that they offer work for a language translator who can speak one of the following languages:  Somali, French and Swahili, amongst others!  Please visit the website via the link below:

7.  UC Translations

Virtual Jobs may be available for talented and exceptional foreign language professionals.  You may be able to work as an independent contractor; for more information , please visit:


Beritz offers Teaching opportunities for language translating professionals, if you are an experienced translator and are interested in language instruction, then this just might be a good fit for you!


This is a job and resource board for experienced foreign linguists who are looking for translator jobs:

10.  Appen Butler Hill

You may have heard about Appen Butler Hill on my data entry page (yes, there are legitimate data entry work at home jobs available, but..... (click here for more)  but if you are looking for a work at home job as a language translator, you may be interested to know that this company is on the lookout for experienced translators.


This company offers telephonic jobs for language translators which can exclusively be done from home, as well as onsite interpreter jobs.

12.  Creative English Solutions

This company, based out of Canada, offers telecommuting jobs for professionals anywhere in the world.  These positions are geared towards highly educated professionals who have an education background in linguistics, education or English.

13.  Global Link Translations

This company is looking to offer translator jobs to professionals who have experience in the world of online translation.  For more info, check out the website below:

14.  Pacific Interpreters

This is a 100% work from home position allowing a flexible schedule for those who are looking to work as an online translator.  As far as translator jobs go, this really looks like a promising one...... and one that I would be interested in if I didn't already have a work at home position!  (Just sayin')

15.   Pacific Interpreters

This is a 100% work from home position allowing a flexible schedule for those who are looking to work as an online translator.  As far as translator jobs go, this really looks like a promising one...... and one that I would be interested in if I didn't already have a work at home position!  (Just sayin')

16.    Language Line Solutions

This company is on the lookout for "language professionals" throughout the world who are experienced or willing to learn how to translate foreign languages effectively.

17.  Open World Translations

This work at home job opportunity is truly only for those experienced translators who have also been educated and trained to be effective language interpreters.  If you think this is you, then please check out the site below:

18.  Linguist List

Here is another job board offering translator jobs for professional linguists and translators.  Check it out:


Yet another job board for you displaying hundreds of available translator jobs for professionals translators!

20.  Network Omni

Opportunities available for an online translator to  work as an independent contractor, remember that means that you will not be an actual employee of the company and that you will be responsible for witholding your own taxes from each paycheck.  For more information:

If this is your first foray into the work at home world, remember to keep a few things in mind:

Be cautious about who you give your personal information to, a legitimate employer should be easy to track down whether it be via email or (once the application process has begun) via phone number.

Do not give out your social security number unless you are certain that the employer is legitimate, do your research and thorougly investigate your potential employer if all work will be done online.

Remember that even if you are working online,  you should not (with very legitimate few legitimate exceptions such as the ones noted here) pay to work online, they should pay you!


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