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The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning Day 1

Day 1 of the miracle Morning!

And today's scripture was:

As a deer pants ...

which I thought was very fitting considering how much I want to do this.

Not just to have time for myself , or plan out my goals and dreams for the next few years for myself and for my family- but mostly, to check in with God every day.

I already did that... mostly.

But sometimes, not deepply.

I want to KNOW God- and that only happens a little at a time, building a block at a time... a day at a time, a chapter at a time.

It takes time!

ANd I'm so ready to take my relationship with him to the next level.

So I love that scripture.

Because at the center of everything I want to accmplish with startinfg this MM adventure  is God.

We make the plans but the Lord dirests our steps.

The morning sunrise was beautiful today- as it has been so often lately.

I'm so glad that I will be able to document many sunrises.

I can't wait to scroll back a year from now and look at all the morning sunrises I was able to experience.

You can't buy an experience like that!

Notable today.

I wish I had taken a picture of this but we had a lovely breakfast here at my home with the elders of our church group.

They're wonderful people who are worthy of imitation.  With children who are Christians, a life full of rich experiences in serving, giving and extending the hand of friendship to many couples in our church.

For them to take time out of their day to spend their morning with us in the midst of a very busy schedule ( they're selligntheir curent home , buting a new home and shpeherding our chucrch mnustry WHILE holding down full-time jobs, is indicative of their hearts to give with very little in retuen.

Here's a beautiful picture of the plant they brough us in appreciation for hosting them for breakfast.  I've never had a real plant like this before!

Also notable today:

Our youngest son is in the Marching band at his high school, so th afternoon was spent attending their state semi final footbal game.  Even though we had a GREAT season and went into the game undefeated ( up to that point) we were considered the undergos in this game and were kind of expecting to lose to Frisco Lne STar,

Well boy, we were in for a very pleasant surprise.

Not onlyl did we win, we totally DOMINATED the game, 35-7.

Yeah aby!!!

Lessons in faith

In the midst of al this, we had a lesson in faith in the car on the way to the game.  My oldest son asked if anything really was possible with a munstard seed of faith.  He was jokingly saying that there were some things that just weren;t possible.

I said , anything is possible with God- if you have the faith and ask God ( MT ).

He said ok then let's seeif we can see a pink car before we get to the stadium.

Ok I said- I believe we can see onw.

Calling on God, I prayed for God to answer my prayer, even though it was a silly onw, for my son to see a pink car,  God, I explained, it's a building block of faith for him and he will always remember getting an answer to this prayer.

Of course, although we were diligently looking, we did nto see a pink car.  As we got closer to the stadium, my son said " I can't believe   it"  I had faith but I didn;t see a pink car.

Just a few minutes later.  A pink car rolled right past us in plain view as we were about ,to turn into the stadium parking lotHe couldn;t believe it.

Do you know how rare it is to see apink car?  lol

Just proves that saig that God is never late.  Seldom early but always on time.

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