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Test Websites for Cash

13 Companies that will test you to Test websites for cash

Test Websites for Cash Part II

So, I know I already did a write-up on website testing a while back, but lo and behold, I have come across many more sites that will pay you to test out websites

Testing websites is not difficult.

Basically, you would simply need to navigate through the assigned website and speak articulately while doing so.

You will need to have capture capabilities on your computer (screen capture and audio capture).

For both, I use a free program that you can google named ezvid. You can also use Jing.

You'll also need a USB mic/headphone that can be plugged into your computer, I just borrow my kids headphones that they use for their video games.

Once you have those 2 things you should be all set.

You don't have to worry about being entertaining when you are testing out the websites.

Just go through the list given to you, step by step, and record your thoughts and impressions while doing so, that's pretty much it.

Pay is usually $10 for 30 minutes of work. Here are the sites that offer this type of work:

13 Sites that let you Test Websites for Cash

1. Userfeel

Right now, they are not looking for testers. Still, it's good to bookmark their site and keep an eye on them.

2. Try my ui

This website requires that you pass a written and video test. If you do well, then they will let you know when they have work for you. Pay is $10 per job, paid via Paypal.


YouEye pays a little more than some of the other testing sites ($12 per test). You will also be asked to pass a screener test before being accepted.


This involves software testing and may be a little more complicated. Pay can vary too.


This is for people who are really adept on their smartphones. For example, do you know how to screen capture on your phone? I sure don't.  But if you do, then you can get paid up to $50 per test. This is app testing and website testing. Pay is via PaypPal.


Feedbackarmy is associated with Amazon Mechanical Turk. They can be very low paying.


Easier and faster to get up and running with, Startup lift only requires people who are comfortable with social media to spread the word about their "start-up". The pay is lower, it is about $5.00 per task.


This is just like all the other sites listed here, except that this website is U.K. based and pays via Paypal in euros!


This website's claim to fame is that they pay you $10 for 15 minutes of work.


This site will allow you to test apps/websites on an internet enabled device: Phone, tablet, laptop. Payment is via Paypal.  


This site pays $10 per test, but you have to record your face on a webcam. Not for everyone.


This site pays $15 per mobile test, $10 for website testing, paid via Paypal.


This site pays $5 for about 15 minutes of your time. Longer tests will pay you more.


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