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Tech Support Jobs... from home?

Looking for tech support jobs?    

Interested in ways to earn extra cash from home ? 


As it turns out, these two could work hand in hand with each other.

To skip straight to the list of companies that offer this type of work, simply scroll down.

I first discovered the salary possibilities offered via tech support jobs when I was taking my certification classes for LiveOps

Since I was considered an independent contractor with LiveOps,
the company would not pay for any technical difficulties that I might encounter, (unlike a company such as Working Solutions which takes care of any technical issues you may encounter at no cost to you). 

Instead, the company recommended a tech support company that was knowledgeable with LiveOps processes and requirements. 

That company was named CrossLoop and while it was a reputable company, it was expensive. 

However, I paid the price (sighing) and I was grateful for their assistance as I was not able to figure out the issue I was having on my own.

Now, I consider myself pretty tech savvy but there are some tech issues that are way beyond my comprehension... and so I was very grateful for CrossLoop because not only were they able to sort
out my  issue, they cleaned out my computer a bit and helped it to go faster as well. 

So, the neat thing is that this was all done remotely by the representative that assisted me.


He was working from his own home office but was able to work on
my home computer remotely AND I was able to watch everything he was doing via my computer screen to make sure all was done well.

How much did I pay him? 

Around $60 for about 45 minutes of work.  

And here's the kicker. 

I wasn't his only customer. 

He was simultaneously working with 2 other customers at the same exact time.

Ok, so that means that he potentially was making close to $200 for about an hour of work. 

Not bad, right? 

And he was very busy...I was on a 2 day waiting list to get his assistance for my tech issue. 

This rep told me that he was booked solid for the foreseeable future. 

Now, who knows, this could have been an anomaly; admittedly with jobs such as these, there are busy times and not so busy times.

Still, if you have the experience and education needed to work these tech support jobs, you might just have a very nice paycheck.

As far as careers at home go, these types of tech support jobs seem to be the wave of the future. 

Technology is advancing at a fast clip and we are all just trying to catch up with the times.

If you are searching for a way to earn extra money from home, it might be worth your time and money to take some classes in information technology!

Simply check out your local community college for a list
of available classes or research accredited colleges or universities that will allow you to take these types of courses online, it doesn't get better than that!

Admittedley you will need to have a technical support background whether that be from years of experience or education, so please keep that in mind as you are researching the companies and job boards that I have listed below.

Also, please keep  in mind that, while not all of these companies are hiring right now, they may be hiring sometime in the near future.

I always advise to go back every so often and check on the newest updates and to check on whether their hiring has opened up again.

 Good luck!

Apple Tech Support

Ok, can I just say that I absolutely love Apple Tech Support? 

Hands down, they have the best customer service I have experienced (and I work in customer service so I should know!)   =)

But I digress...

If you are the person that all your friends go to to to fix whatever is ailing your apple device, be it an iPad, iPod or Mac computer, then you might want to check this one out! 

Apple periodically  offers work at home tech support jobs throughout the U.S. 

I suggest checking the site regularly, as the company regularly posts Apple tech support jobs  based out of different cities throughout the U.S.


When I was interviewing for a work at home position with Convergys, the position that was offered was for a direct tv tech support position.  This position is offered periodically so keep an
eye on Convergys:

Virtuo Group

Jobs are not always available but resumes can be sent to the company.  For more information, please check out their website:

Alchemic Dream

Here is a company that states that they offer remote positions on 5 different continents. 

I have people who email me all the time asking about virtual positions outside the U.S. 

Well, here you go!  There are several positions throughout the company that are open to qualified individuals including:

Customer Service 

Call Center Type work

Accounting positions

and  here is one that I found very interesting:

Children's Supervisor 

(supervising is all done online via the company's websites, forums and social media)

All of these positions require some technical know how, of course, so please keep that in mind.


Among other work from home jobs available (such as jobs in customer service and sales), this company does also offer virtual positions for tech professionals.

You may have read my review on Arise alread but for a refresher, simply click below

Web Tech Writers

This may be a little off the beaten path for some of you tech professionals but may be an interesting work at home idea to look into:  working as a Technical Writer! 

New job leads are posted on the company's web site via the page I have linked below:

Art & Logic app developers

If you have a background in software development and/or programming then you may just be a sought after commodity!  Jobs are typically offered within the United States and Canada.

Click below to apply:

This web based company often seems to have openings for analysts, project managers and web developers, keep an eye on their job postings if you fit that criteria!

This company offers job opportunities for qualified computer tecnicians but the jobs are not home based, rather they are travel based. 

You can simply let the company know how far you are
willing  to travel.

This company offers a mix of work from home and "brick and mortar" tech support jobs for qualified individuals.

Offering international and U.S. based tech support jobs ( as well as  a variety of other jobs).

Here is another company offering tech support jobs as well as jobs for domain experts and management professionals. 

This company does hire internationally as well as within the United States .

Employment opportunities vary but all are tch/web based.  Check out the Emplyment Opportunities page via the link below:

Consultants and tech support/ web professionals sought:

Offers varying tech support jobs for IT professionals:

Tech support job boards

The companies above offer possible great tech support jobs but let's not stop there! 

There are also many great tech support job boards available that can help lead to great freelance

work opportunities or can even blossom into great careers at home!

Check out a list of fantastic job boards that will help you to find the tech supportjobs that you have been looking for:

This job board offers web and tech professionals the opportunities to search through job board postings in tha area of Information Technology.

CHeck it out via the link below:

Technical Writer Job Boards:

If you liked this page on tech support jobs and would like to see more information on other types of freelance work that can be done from home, please visit:

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