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How to make money from home by taking food orders

Take food orders from home - see how below!

Below you will find a list of companies that occasionally offer these types of jobs.

I say occasionally because I rarely see them posted, however, if you are really interested in this type of position, I suggest "stalking" the company websites I list below often to jump on their next hiring spree.

Here's a list of those companies below:

Take Food Orders From Home:
1. Contract World Jobs

   So, the thing to know with this company is that you have to pay for your own training.

Still, they pay well and they offer jobs based out of the U.S. and Canada (Annie, this one's for you! ) ;)

Some of the companies you might work for include KFC and Pizza Hut.

Take Food Orders From Home
2. NexRep (Grubhub)

Nexrep's Grubhub project offers home-based reps the opportunity to take restaurant orders from home.

When you make it to the interview stage of the process, make sure to tell your recruiter that you're interested in the GrubHub project.

For my take on this company, please see my page on Nexrep here.

Take Food Orders from Home
3. DoorDash

       So you may have heard of people who drive for DoorDash for extra cash but this company does seem to also offer positions for "order placers" as well.

I say "seem to" because it seems like it's a difficult job to get. As many of you know, I apply to many of the companies I mention on my site to make sure they are legitimate and to see how easy it is to apply, etc.

So, I applied for this position as a DoorDash order taker around the middle of last year (2015) and was offered an interview with them.

But then, I never heard from them again!

I never pursued it further and it really just slipped through the cracks, but I do think it was interesting that they offered me an interview and then disappeared.

That's not to say they aren't a legitimate company, because as some of you may know, I worked a shift or 2 as a DoorDash driver, got to know the people in the main office for my city and they are great (they still ask me to pick up driving shifts, lol).

So, if you're really interested in working as a call taker and you apply, please do let me know your experiences!

* Currently there is no job lead for this position so the best thing to do would be to go to Indeed's home page and do a search for DoorDash customer service at:

Good luck!


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