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Sunlark Research

Sunlark Research, similar to Wolfgang Research, is another courthouse research company that intermittently hires researchers nationwide.

Although this type of work is not primarily home-based, the schedule can be very flexible, in fact, you can truly choose your own schedule, as long as the work is completed and turned in by the deadline set by the company.

Again, the schedule is up to you but keep in mind that you will have to travel to the courthouse and work sometime between their typical business hours of 9 am -5 pm.

Don't forget to keep track of your mileage! If you keep track of it, you can write it off as a work expense since you are an independent contractor. The government will allow you .55 per mile! That adds up fast and is money in your pocket!

This job as a courthouse researcher entails collecting information or researching for information from public records found at county courthouses.

Sunlark Research is a little different from other courthouse research companies in that it offers various projects and not just simple data entry or data collection projects.

While this company does offer projects that include collecting data,
they also offer projects which may have you placing phone calls to certain companies to verify specific information or they may have you researching hard-to-find information that may take a little more of your time.

So whether your skills are based off of your typing speed or your skills are more those of a researcher, there is something for everyone.

If you are collecting data, you can expect that you will be typing the information onto excel spreadsheets provided by the company, so again, if you are a fast and skilled typist, this is where your talents will come into play.

Sometimes the information you are looking for will be found within the county courthouse computers, sometimes you may have to look through books to find what you are looking for (this is where skills as a researcher would come in handy!).

Having a laptop with you, while not always necessary, would help you tremendously, as you can collect the information while you are at the courthouse... rather than collecting the information and
then going home and putting the information onto the excel spreadsheet that Sunlark Research provides.

Using a laptop could very well cut your work in half, save you tons of time and could help you make more money in the long run.

The laptop above is about all you'll need for a job such as this one, if you're curious about pricing, simply click on the picture of the laptop above to get an idea of what they are going for right now. :)


Pay can range greatly at .25- $10 per record collected. The varying pay ranges depend on the project to which you are assigned.

The higher the offered pay, the more difficult (or time consuming)it may be to collect the information required, so keep that in mind.

Once trained, many researchers find that they can collect anywhere from 40-100 records per hour, which at .25 per record ( the average minimum) can make you anywhere from $10-$25 per hour.

If you are hired, most likely you will be required to visit the county courthouse to which you are assigned, anywhere from 1-4 times per month to collect the information needed.

Pay comes weekly via direct deposit.

Sunlark Research is not always hiring and may not need courthouse researchers in your area, so if you apply and you haven't heard back from them within a week, most likely they have filled all available positions in your area.

Please click here to apply directly on the company's website.

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