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Um.  Because you've been looking for legitimate work from home opportunities for a long time, right?  Because you've gone to site after site that screams at you about how to make money from home and how they'll give you the "secret" way to make money after you pay them a pretty  penny for their thoughts.

work at home resources and printables

Hogwash.  Anyone who's truly looked into working from home will tell you that you should never have to PAY a company to work for them, THEY should pay YOU.

I've been working from home for a little over 10 years now and I feel like I've really seen it all.

And that's what my weekly newsletters are all about.  I cover all kinds of little known companies and lesser known ways to make money and guess what, I no longer keep the back issues up for new readers to see.   So get them while you can, because I release them every Monday at 10 am EST and after that, they're gone, unless I feel inspired to convert them into a page on my site ( which I really should do more, but I don't because I'm lazy and tired and I work too much.)

Oh Yeah, and when you sign up, I also give you access to my Free Library of Work at Home Resources including Printables to organize your Job search and (heck, why not?) your life too.

Do you love printables as much as I do?

More on that in a sec..

Some of my recent newsletter topics have included:

  •  How to make over $30,000 a year by trading freebies (really)
  • 20 ways to make extra cash (including one way that will pay you while you are traveling the world)
  • A 5 part series on Alternative career paths for nurses
  • How to make $15 an hour from home whenever you feel like it with a little known, but legitimate micro task website
  • Work at home jobs that require no experience
  • 3 Ways to get Udemy courses for free
  • 6 Companies that will hire you and get you a paycheck in 1-2 weeks
  • Websites that pay you to watch TV
  • How to work as a virtual juror

And more..

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This is what I love to do, I love to research this stuff, and most of it I will research by applying and trying it out myself to see if it works. 

Obviously I can't try all of these opportunities but if I post it on my site, you can be darn sure that I have researched it up the wazoo and back, via message boards, Facebook groups and work at home mom groups.

I truly believe that if you have stumbled onto my site, you will make money from home eventually, because I have seen it work for myself and others. 

Hey, there are other sites out there that may give you this information too.  There are some really good sites out there, so look at them all, including mine, and spread the word about us, will ya?

I want to get Moms working (if they want to, of course) and I'm here to support them all the way.

So, what do you have to lose?  The newsletter is free.  I don't use your e-mail address for anything other than sending you the newsletter and heck, I have even included  a gift for you: a free e-book on 148 legitimate work at home companies that will get you on the road to making some money from home.

The only thing I ask is that you spread the word about this site. 

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Ok, and about those Free Printables...

When you subscribe, as a token of my appreciation, I will give you access to my Forms Library which contains Free Printables on:

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and more resources

such as :

500 Interview Questions + Answers

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Tips on Applying to Jobs

How to Have Job Leads Come to you


a FREE  Ebook on 148 Work at home Companies that are hiring now.

I hope this helps !

Best of luck in your job search and thanks for visiting the site.

Don't be a stranger. xoxo.


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