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These days, I don't post job leads as much any more, but I will direct you to the best sites to get all those wonderful daily job leads- just check out my home page and I will give you a heads up on the BEST sites for that specific kind of information.

What I have discovered after years of trying to navigate the work at home job industry was that I needed to do some work on myself; my mindset, my outlook on life, my own feelings of self worth.

Once I worked on all that, (which was no small feat!), I started driving my life rather than being dragged around by Life, and struggling to catch up.

My weekly newsletters will cover topics such as :


Morning routines such as the Miracle Morning Routine

How Aromatherapy can you help you bust through all of your subconscious blocks.

I know, I know, what about the job leads?  

I believe that job leads are easy to come by.  But what IS hard, is the

motivation to actually follow through

and apply to the jobs you come across, and do all the WORK that is involved with finding a work at home job or ANY job in general.

That's a mindset problem and that's what I am here to help you solve.

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In my journey to figure out how to navigate the crossroads in my life, I turned a lot to books.  

Books have an incredible wealth of knowledge, put together by people who have poured their life experiences, discoveries and  life -changing epiphanies into print- usually for a paltry amount of money- but oh the riches that you can find within many of their pages!

There are books that have absolutely changed my life.

I feel so passionate about them that I am putting together a book club.  

In this book club, I am selecting one book that we will read for one month together, and then discuss it via zoom, this is what is called a "Mastermind"  .

A Mastermind is a group of like-minded people that come together and offer inspiration, ideas and help to spur one another on in the game of life.

This will be a FREE book club gathering via zoom and will undoubtedly lead to new ideas and direction for you and maybe even new opportunities.

The book that we're reading?

Well , that will be a surprise and only my newsletter subscribers will see which book it is, but let's just say that I don't think you will be disappointed.

Come join us if that's something you would like to partake in.

More info as to dates for the book club will be coming  soon but I can tell you the book we will be reading is one that has absolutely changed my whole mindset on wealth.

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site printables

and more resources

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500 Interview Questions + Answers

Resume Templates

Cover Letter Template

Tips on Applying to Jobs

How to Have Job Leads Come to you


a FREE  Ebook on 148 Work at home Companies that are hiring now.

I hope this helps !

Best of luck in your job search and thanks for visiting the site.

Don't be a stranger. xoxo.


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