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Snagshout- Post a review , get free or discounted items

I have updated this page with new information near the bottom of the page!

I can't even tell you how I stumbled across Snagshout, but I did a few days ago and I thought it was interesting enough to take a second look at and perhaps review.

This company offers free or deeply discounted items that will be sent to you in exchange for your honest review on Amazon.

The company is very careful to say that they want your honest review, so that you never feel pressured to give a nice review simply because you received the item for free or at a discount.

How does it work?

To sign up with the company, you would go to their website:

You would simply need to sign up with your name, e-mail address and your Amazon reviewer url.  If you have never reviewed products that you have purchased on Amazon, you will need to do that before signing up.

(Most of us have purchased items from Amazon, so I would suggest just pulling up a few old purchases and reviewing them, besides you will make some Amazon seller very happy; if you are leaving a positive review, that is!)

Once you have done all this, you will be put on a waiting list.  That's the step that I'm at so I guess I will wait to hear if I'm accepted or not.

If any of you apply and get accepted, please share details with us in the comments below!

Update:  Not only was I accepted, my husband was too and I already snagged an $11.00 item to review ( a pair of gardening gloves) for .99 cents.  The process was very easy.

I have a newer update closer to the bottom of the page; I have been using Snagshout for quite a few months now and I am very happy with it

Once you're accepted:

You can select an item to review from the Deals page, according to the site, the item will either be free or deeply discounted. 

Once you make your selection, you will purchase the item on Amazon, using a promo code that you will be provided by Snagshout.

Seems simple enough, right?

Any bad comments about this company?

In my research, I found nothing concerning in regards to feedback.

The only thing I found on an Amazon chat board was someone ( an active reviewer on Amazon) complaining that she received an e-mail from someone at this company welcoming them on board as a reviewer. 

Since she did not remember signing up to be a reviewer for the company, she complained that she was getting spammed by them.

This might be concerning if many other people were experiencing something similar, but so far, that is the only complaint I have seen, and in the grand scheme of things, I don't believe that is a big deal.

From what I have seen, this company does not ask anyone to pay them anything, you simply select the product to review.  So you get to choose if you want a free item or if you want to pay for a deeply discounted item. 

Also, any payment transactions will occur on Amazon, which is of course a secure and reputable site.

So, I might suggest doing your own research, but this seems like a pretty neat opportunity.

One thing to note, is that you are only allowed to "snag" one item at a time, so please keep that in mind. 

You are only allowed to snag a new item once you have submitted a review.

In the meantime, have fun with this!

Update Fall 2015

I have been frequenting Snagshout for quite a few months now and I love it.  I have only ever had two issues with the site:

Once the price was a little different than what was quoted to me on Snagshout and another time, Amazon told me I had an invalid code and would not let me use the promo code on the item that I was trying to purchase.

With the first problem, Snagshout reported the problem to their client and told me that the price had changed on Amazon.  There was apparently nothing that could be done about it, and since the price difference was a little under $2.00, I didn't concern myself over it too much, so there's that.

With the second issue, it was again a problem with their client.  I had purchased a purse and after I reviewed it, went in again to Snagshout and was going to purchase another purse.  Snagshout gave me the promo code and off I went to Amazon only to find out the promo code was not valid.

Snagshout stated that it was a problem with their client not allowing more than one purchase of a purse in their line, but that they were trying to fix that.  Mind you, it was a totally different purse, it's just that it was being sold by the same company.   Regardless, they re-set my account and I was able to "snag" a different item.

Really, it was not a big deal, and other than those 2 incidents, I have been deliriously happy with the deals that I have been getting.

I still highly recommend this company.

Here are some things to note:

Snagshout has recently changed their policy and now requires for every reviewer to state that they received the purchased item in return for an honest review.

Neglecting to include that in your review could get your Snagshout membership revoked, so don't risk it!

Also, don't forget that you are responsible for the cost to have the item shipped to you.  For those of you who are Amazon prime members, you can put your membership to good use and get free 2 day shipping with every order.  For those of you who aren't Prime members,  Amazon does offer a free one month trial, so you can get all these goodies shipped to you for free for a solid month.  Just don't forget to cancel if you don't want to get charged at the end of 30 days!

You can find out more about Amazon prime here.

And because I thought you might be curious, I will include a few screenshots of some of my purchases via Snagshout (coming soon). 

I will be working on it over the weekend and should have them up by Monday at the latest!

Enjoy everyone! =)

< < Snagshout

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