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Get Paid to Sleep.

how to get paid to sleep

Can you really get paid to sleep?

(by the way, the answer is yes.. and you can get paid thousands).

I know it sounds fantastical but it happens all the time, and I'm going to show you where you can look for opportunities just like that for yourself.


So by now you might have a sneaking suspicion that we are  talking about participating in Sleep Studies aka Clinical Trials.

There's a lot of research going into sleep problems and how to fix them and the good news is that not only is this research being conducted in the U.S. (and possibly worldwide) to help with this issue but also, regular people like you and me,  who may or may not have sleep issues, can actually get paid to participate in sleep studies put on by researchers and hospitals.

Cool, right?

Let's find out more.

Get Paid to Complete a Sleep Study

It sounds pretty wild but there are researchers and hospitals that are willing to pay you thousands of dollars to participate in sleep studies.  

However, like with anything that sounds too good to be true, there are definite drawbacks. 

Let's talk about some of them so that you can know whether this is an opportunity you would like to pursue.

First, let's talk about who will qualify.

Who will Qualify?

If you're thinking that you have to be experiencing sleep related issues such as sleep apnea in order to qualify for these sleep studies, think again.

While many studies may be better suited to those who are currently in the throes of sleep related distress, you might be surprised to know that most researchers are looking for
healthy adults with normal sleeping patterns.  

You might also think that you have a better chance of getting involved if you live in a large city, but there are many research facilities throughout the U.S. (and possibly worldwide) that are searching for paid participants.  

Another thing to note is that you may be able to apply for studies in a different city than the one you  reside in, so if you were planning a trip to another city in the U.S., it might be good idea to check out any available sleep studies via the link I will provide you at the bottom of this article, for that particular city.

Keep in mind that you may see multiple studies on the topic of sleep issues and that you may not qualify for all of them, however,  it is very likely that you will qualify for at least one.

Best thing to do is to read the qualifications for each study very carefully.  

You may also need to fill out questionnaires.

There are no right or wrong answers, and sometimes
there is no way to know what researchers are really looking for, so it's best to answer truthfully and see whether you match the criteria they are looking for in their study participants.

One thing to note is that most studies will pay you for every section of the study you complete, sometimes up to $100 for each section you complete, regardless of whether you actually complete the whole study.

Yeah, I know you're wondering about it, so before we go any further, let's talk about pay.

How much can you expect to be Paid?

Now this is the fun part.

Like I mentioned above, most studies will pay you for your time regardless of whether you qualify to complete the entire study.

If you get invited to complete a sleep study, most likely you will be asked to document the time you go to sleep and wake up every day before the official start of the observation part of the study,
(which will usually occur in a hospital or clinical setting).

You most likely will also be asked to go in for physical or psychological exams as well.

For every section of the study you complete, most researchers will pay you anywhere from $25-$100.

But that's not the big money.

The big money is when you actually make it all the way to the end of the study and are invited to stay at a sleep center for anywhere from a few days... to up to 31 days.

You will literally get paid to sleep there.

So, how much can you expect to make?

Of course, the pay can vary wildly depending on how long you actually stay at a sleep center, but...

If you make it that far, you can expect anywhere from $4,000- $10,000.

Yep, not bad, right?

Details, Details...

What to expect for the observation part of the study:

You will most likely be kept alone in a room possibly with no phone, internet or tv allowed (ack!) and no windows for several days or longer (hence the psychological tests!).

You may be asked to hold a certain position for hours at a time.

You may be asked to sport an IV and other uncomfortable medical devices. 

They should go over this with you up front so that you know what to expect.

Bring lots of books, puzzles, crafts, catch up on magazines, books, recipe planning, business planning.  

Or just daydream!

To see which sleep studies might be available in your area, please visit:

Simply type in the type of study you are interested in and click on search.

The site above also lists other clinical trials that may pay you for your participation.

What do you think?

Do you think sleeping your life away for a few days is worth that amount of money?

Let me know in the comments below!

> Get Paid to do a Sleep Study

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