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Sitel offers work at home phone jobs for those interested in working in customer service.

In my never ending quest for the perfect work at home job, Sitel was mentioned to me by a friend of mine.  

This is yet another company that hires customer service professionals who are willing to work from home, so I decided to check it out!

This company offers work at home phone jobs for those that may be experienced call center representatives. Again, the great thing about this company is that you can have a legitimate job making a pretty good salary without ever having to leave your home!

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Working for this company, although you will be working in a customer service capacity, you can expect that some sales work may be involved as well. This usually means that you will be "upselling" certain products.

This is typical of many work at home phone jobs and it simply means that you will be offering additional products and/or services to the customer.

Job duties may include:

  • Handling billing inquiries for customers
  • Scheduling installation of products for customers
  • Helping to troubleshoot tech products for customers

Paid Training

Sitel offers paid training to potential employees. Training can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on how complicated the project is.

During the training period, you can expect that you will be on a full time schedule, meaning that you will be training 40 hours per week. However, this is during the training period only.

You are able to choose whether you wish to have a full time or part time working schedule.

One note: 100% attendance is required for all training sessions. The company does require this in order to complete training.

Full time vs part time

The Company offers full time and part time schedules for their employees.

Full time employees enjoy medical and dental benefits. Unlike other work at home phone jobs you may find, Sitel does actually offer vacation and holiday pay as well as a 401(k) plan.

All employees can sign up to be paid via direct deposit or a special debit card offered by the company.

Working for the company, you will be considered an "employee" and not an independent contractor which means that you will be paid by the hour and not by the minute.

As well, all of your state and federal income taxes will be deducted for you.

Pay hovers in the $9.00 hourly range


To work for this company, a background, credit check and drug screen are all required and paid for by the company.

Other requirements include:

A High School Diploma/GED Prior customer service experience (preferred but not required)

High speed internet access (no dial up or wireless)

A Company approved land-line phone with a headset jack (no cell phones or VOIP)

A company approved headset.

How to apply to work for Sitel:

Before you apply, it is important to note that the company is not hiring in all states. Here is a current list of states they are hiring in:

Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nevada, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona.

To apply directly with Sitel on their company site, click here


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