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Sell Used Books Online

Sites that will pay you for your used books

Wondering where to sell used books online?

If you're anything like me, you have an overabundance of books stashed away in your house.

Kids books, Biographies, Mystery books, yes maybe even a few romance books. =)

Some are keepers but others are ok for me to let go after I read them once (or twice).

So, if you're looking for a way to clear out a little space on your bookshelf and maybe make some cash while you're at it, take a look at this list websites that pay for used books.

 Sell Textbooks online:


 Let's start with the most profitable books you have in your home:

College Textbooks.

The site  below offers instant online quotes for your college textbooks.

Simply enter the ISBN number (you will find this number on the back cover of your textbook) to see what they will offer you for the book.

Keep in mind that you will probably not get top dollar for your books at this site, but if you just want to get rid of them right away and make a little money while doing so, then this website is your best bet.

Sell Used Books online


If you're not in a huge rush to get rid of those college textbooks, then Amazon is the best platform to use to get the highest dollar for them.

In fact, I can almost guarantee you that websites like turns around and sells the textbooks that they buy from people like you on Amazon.

Amazon has the traffic to get more eyes on your listing then any other website, plus, you will get the most money for your book there.

If you just want to sell a few books on Amazon, it is easy to sign up as a seller.

You can sign up as a pro seller at $40 a month if you have a large volume of books to sell.

The advantage to that is that you would get access to Amazon's prime members and their Fulfillment by Amazon program.

But if you only want to sell a few books, then I would recommend signing up as a "merchant fulfilled vendor" through Amazon.

To sell your item, there is only an initial listing fee of .99, plus the final value fees and you are responsible for shipping the item to your customer.

To sell on Amazon, you can sign up here.

Sell Used Books Online


This site is a little different in that they find you the best buy-back offer for your book.

You would enter the ISBN of the book and they cross-check against many other buy-back sites to find you the best deal.

They then direct you to that site, and they will take their cut from the company that you sell your book to.

They also send you a pre-paid shipping label for mailing.

Sell Used Books Online


 This company's claim to fame is that they are not as picky as other companies are about accepting almost any type of book.

They buy direct from you, no handing you off to another re-seller and they will pay for the cost of having the books shipped to them.


where to sell used booksWhere to sell used books

This company also buys directly from you.

You would enter your ISBN number on their site to get a quote; they also pay for the cost of shipping the book out to them.

Sell used Books online:


If you're looking to sell textbooks online,  this site will also buy your old college textbooks, except that they can't be too "old".

They are pretty strict about accepting only textbooks that are in pretty good condition.

If they are in good condition, then you can expect to get a pretty fair price for them.



eCampus is the polar opposite of, in that they do allow you to sell them your old college textbooks (highlighter markings and all).



Knetbooks offers the same services that other textbook buyback sites do, but, just in case you are in the market for a college textbook but are smarting a bit at the price, this site offers textbook rentals as well.

9. Powell's Books

This is another super picky site, so please do be advised of this.

They don't accept all kinds of books, only select titles.

They allow you to type in the ISBN number of your book to see if they would even accept them, and then on top of that, the book would have to be in an almost perfect (like new) condition.



This site also requests that you enter an ISBN number and, if they want your book, they will purchase it directly from you and send you a pre-paid shipping label.


And now, switching gears:

For those who simply want to "swap out" their own books, this site allows you to do just that!

If you wish to "purchase" a book, the book itself is free but you will need to purchase a membership, and pay shipping if you are the one sending the book.

You send a book, you receive a credit that will allow you to request a book from someone else.

Cool, right?

Now you know everything I know about where to sell used books online.  Good luck, now go make some cash!  =)

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