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Get paid $25-$50 an hour to work from home as a Resume Writer

I'm no expert at how to craft a great resume but I do know that having a great resume is crucial to landing that job you have your eye on.

Last year, I was laid off from the company I worked for, as the company was bought out by a bigger company and unfortunately had to let every single person go.

It was quite an experience, from going on unemployment for the first time in my life, to sifting through hundreds of job leads and yes, working on perfecting my resume.

The unemployment office was a fount of information, most notably with helping to tune up my resume, refine it, and individualize it to the company I was applying to.

I think that tip, to craft a unique resume for every job I was applying to, was the most valuable tip that I received from my local unemployment office.

Basically, they suggested looking at the job requirements and having your job qualifications mirror them.

That's  it.

So, that's easier said then done of course.  

You can do it yourself, but I always highly recommend having someone who is a whiz at creating resumes help you out.

If you're a whiz at creating resumes, then good news:  you can monetize your skill... to the tune of $25-$50 an hour.

The company that is hiring master resume writers right now, is called Boardroom Resumes

This is a home-based position, crafting resumes for senior managers and executives.

In order to qualify for this position, you would need to have a resume writing certification and 5+ years of resume writing experience.

You should have a certification from one of the following :

The National Resume Writers Association

Resume Writing Academy

or  The Professional Association of Resume Writers  and Career Coaches

Interested in seeing the job lead? 

See more at:

Good luck!

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