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October 13, 2022
Remote Online Notary Certification:  Complete

Building block task completed:

Got my Remote Online Notary Certification! Yeah!!!

Yesterday felt like a productive day.

I didn't get up early enough to get to the gym, but I did get to take a quick morning walk before starting up my day.

I've been really enjoying that part of my day, especially now that the weather is cooling off.

It's staying pretty dark later and later in the morning, and unfortunately that means that I have to wait until 7:15- ish to get out.  I really don't want to trip over any skinks or cayotes as I 'm traipsing about!


I came back from my walk , made breakfast for the family and started getting  the documents for my 12 pm signing appointment prepped.

Getting the documents prepped is a pretty simple process.

I simply print my documents ( by the way, this is the printer I use and recommend, click here to see it)

and then I prep my notary journal with the name or names of my signers, their address, the title company name and fee I am getting, as well as all the documents I am notarizing .

The journal that I use is able to be used in the state of Texas, where I am located and it makes everything so simple and easy to view at a glance, plus each notarization I complete has its own page which is nice for my signers privacy, no other signers will ever see any information other than their own.

It's called the Integrity journal and it's seriously one of the best and easiest journals you can use. Here's my affiliate link if you want to check it out on Amazon.  Check out the reviews!

I also prep my documents so as to make the actual signing  process very streamlined and efficient.

I will usually fill in any blank spaces in the notarization documents such as the county, date, and my (printed) name and date that my commission expires.

I NEVER sign my name as the notary or stamp the document using my notary seal until I am in front of the signers and have witnessed them signing in my presence.

But in doing some of the other prep work, it makes the entire appointment go much more quickly, as the signers dont have to wait for me to fill out all of the other parts of the document that a notary has to fill in.

The important part that HAS to be done in the presence of my signers is the part where I sign as a notary and stamp my seal.

This is something that I learned from Mark Wills and the loan signing system course and is one of hundreds of amazing tips and tricks that is the LSS way.

Can I tell that I'm a huge fan of his course?

Anyway, after I prepped my docs, I gathered all of my documents and supplies and headed out to my signing appointment.

The signing went very smoothly and was for a young woman who is an Army veteran and moving to the great state Alaska to continue serving our country there.

One of the amazing parts of this business is the great  people I get to meet and chat with, as we spend an hour together getting their documents signed.

I try to make their experience fun, painless , professional and pleasant. 

It truly is an honor to be there for these moments in their lives and I don't take what I am doing lightly!

I scanned the documents to the title company right from the signing table so that the loan could be funded immediately if it needed to be and I was on my way!

I wish I had had another signing today and I almost did but the pay amount being offered for that one was so low, that I decided it wasn't worth my time.

Besides, the previous appointment was a well paying one and I was happy with that for today.

I've been looking into getting my Remote Online Notary Certification and this past week, I went ahead and did all the research on what I needed to do.

I'm happy that I got that done and actually got my remote online notary certification,  woohoo!

The last thing I needed to do in this process was go to a local notary to get my RON certificate notarized and take my oath of office.

So, I went over to my local Pack N' Mail for that, and not only did they notarize my RON certificate and give me the oath of office, they refused to take payment from me for doing so!

AND, they told me to bring in a bunch of new business cards and they would tell all otheir clientele that I am available to immediately service them in any remote online notary certifications they might need.

Wow!  I was so encouraged and I immediately went to the bakery right next door to them and brought them back some beautiful fresh goodies.

I'm not sure why they extended this kindnes to me, but I do often bring them goodies as they always help me with my last minute shipping needs.

That's another thing that Mark Wills from the Loan Signing System talks about so much:  GRATITUDE.

He's so right, I really feel that gratitude goes a long way and opens many doors.

After that I went grocery shopping, came home and did all the laundry, made dinner and then went to my church midweek meeting and had a fantastic night with some of the ladies from my church at a local coffee shop.

All in all, it was a good day.

I was tempted to wish I had done more to advance my business, but I am learning to stay on the positive side of life, and be proud of myself for where I'm at right now, even if it's not perfect.


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