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How to Prepare to Work from home

the one you thing you need to prepare to work from home

Prepare to Work from Home:
Here's the #1 Thing You Must do to be successful

Around these parts, I get a lot of emails all throughout the year from people trying to find a side hustle, a part-time job or simply any way to make a little extra money .

Let me encourage you by telling you that there are LOTS of work at home and flexible jobs being offered out there on the worldwide web.  

I see them being offered every single day.

There truly  is an abundance of them and a variety of ways that you can bring home an extra paycheck.

I know, I know.  If there are so many jobs out there, then why are so many of us struggling to make ends meet?

Just One Thing.....

Haha.  Do you remember this scene in City Slickers?

Where Curly said that in life... only one thing is needed?

Well, maybe he was right...

Let me tell you a tiny bit about an amazing, life-changing book that I read earlier this Spring.

It's written by a man named Hal Elrod.  He has an amazing story , a life experience that planted a seed , changed his life and has changed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world as well, including mine.

His book is called The Miracle Morning.

The premise of this book.

Get out of bed.


Invest in yourself through his Life SAVERS.

S= Silence (Meditation)

A= Affirmations

V= Visualization

E= Exercise

R= Reading

S= Scribing ( Writing)

There's so much I can say about this but in the interest of time, I will just say that getting up early and investing this time in myself every day has felt like being a "tree planted by streams of water".

I have never felt better, more content, more focused, more willing to give, out of the abundance in my own heart to family and friends.

I feel confident, steady, I am working on goals, dreams, writing a LOT, getting organized, I have tons of energy and have even lost 10 pounds!

Which Leads Me to ... the One Thing:

Do you know what I believe the one thing is?

Of course, I believe, first and foremost it is God.

No Doubt.

But God also gave us:

Our Minds.

That's where it all starts.

Our thoughts govern our decision, our goals, our dreams and the practical steps we must take every single day to reach our goals.

Without a decision to go out and take the steps needed to reach your goals this Fall, you will stay in the same place, possibly indefinitely.

That's why I believe the one thing is investing in yourself, bettering your mind, developing yourself, working on yourself because otherwise, you will remain the same person you were yesterday.

It takes work to reach your dreams, they will NOT just be handed to you, and the days of your life will go by without anything to show for it.

So, my suggestion.

Get the book, read it- it's amazingly inspiring and very practical.  

It will help you put a plan in place that you can begin to build , day by day, piece by piece, until you look back in a month or so and see all that you've built every morning and see how far you've come.

It's going to take a decision- a comittment, work,  and it all begins in your mind.

Change your life situation.

You can do it!

Here are some other practicals that may help you prepare to work from home

I love this article from one of the classic and most reliable work at home sites on the web: (click on the link if you wish to see the article).

If you haven't checked out their site, you simply must, as it has lots of great information on available work at home jobs and business opportunities.

But I think the most valuable free resource they offer on this site are their member forums. 

The member forums are free for anyone to view but you do have to sign up your email address to gain access. 

  However, I think it's well worth it, as you get access to lots of great info and discussion from work at home moms who currently or formerly worked for many companies that offer virtual work today.

Today's article focuses on how to prepare to work from home.

Let's face it, too many of us like the thought of working from home because we have this fantasy of being able to juggle doing the laundry and cooking dinner while simultaneously running a successful conglomerate from home.  

Well, the truth is a lot less glamorous.  Working from home takes a lot of effort, time , patience and planning and organization.

Time to Get Your House in Order

Stick to a schedule

In fact, staying focused on my tasks at work and coming up with a practical schedule is something that I've struggled with in my work at home career and to be honest, it's something I still struggle with.

Setting up a do-able schedule is key to managing both home and career, so I do recommend that you sit down and put some thought into how you will accomplish all you need to accomplish.

I've found that if I write out a daily list of all the things I need to day in a particular day, it helps me figure out how much time I will have to pour into each task.

  Then, I try to make it into a fun game so see if I can beat the time table I set for myself. 

If I beat it, I reward myself with a little tv or a little extra me time ( not always, but I try!)

Get Dressed- every morning

Seriously, this has helped me a ton. 

Taking a shower and getting dressed may seem like a silly thing to suggest but I have found that it's so easy to stay in my pajamas or sweats and just go through the day.

First of all, eww. Secondly, you feel eww. (I'm talking about me, not you!)

It's been important to me to approach my work day with a fresh outlook on my day and getting dressed every morning has helped tremendously in that endeavor.

I find that I get more accomplished, and am less tempted to go back to bed, when I take this extra step to be presentable. 

I do it for me. =)

Stay grateful

I love this quote from the WAHM article featured above:

Treat Your Home Gig Like It’s Awesome

Let’s face it. Your home gig IS totally awesome! You get to earn a living while being at home with your kiddos. Be sure to treat your job and employer like you love your gig. Don’t ditch calls. Don’t ditch emails. Don’t ditch meetings. Be available. Prove to yourself that you can be a successful working at home mom. If you can do this, you can do anything!

I find this is very important.  Working from home is a gift.  You get to be around if your kids need you, there's no exhausting 2 hour commute and yes, you may even be able to take a break and get dinner prepped from time to time.  Can you do that from a brick and mortar office?  I think not!  I find it's important for me to stay grateful for my work at home position.  Is it perfect?  No.  But it's perfect enough for me at this point in my life.  So, I'm willing to work hard and not take it for granted. =)

See the article:

                   4 Important "Must Do's" When Working From Home at:

Do you feel ready to start looking for work at home jobs?


Check out my daily job leads page here.

Good luck. =)


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