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Reviewing the picky domains website

I've had a few people ask me about this website picky and whether it is one of those online scam websites so I decided to check it out and see what it was all about.

I headed on over to the website and took a look around, ( I ended up registering with the site), I also did some research on the internet to see if I could find people who had some experience, whether good or bad, with the company to see if I could get a clear picture of the company and how it could benefit people like you and me.

First, a little information on picky

This website is geared towards people who are building a website and are looking to come up with a unique and catchy domain name for their new website, something that is concise and yet encapsulates
in a fresh and engaging way what their website is all about. 

This can be kind of difficult, so when these website owners need a little creative push, they may go to a website such as
to get a little help with this!

That's where you come in!

If you are the sort of person that has a way with words, then your creative streak and talent for words may be able to earn you a little extra money. 

Registering with the website is free for anyone, so all you have to do is register and then you can choose which orders (or requests for domain names) are interesting to you and submit your suggestions for domain names. 

If your suggestion for a domain name is chosen and
registered by the website owner, then you get 40-60% of the order value. 

Orders usually range from $25-$35 so your cut would range anywhere from $10-$21. Payment is made via paypal.

So, here's my take on this website:

Will you make money consistently through this website? 

I would venture to say no.  This is more of a fun hobby type of thing you can do to make 20 bucks every few months. 

So, I would caution against spending too much time on this because you probably won't get too much return for your time. 

Is it a scam?

I scoured the internet for any information I could find on the company and, while there are some disgruntled people out there (and a sort of humorous and sometimes contentious message board exchange between the owner of the company and a blogger)  I could see no evidence of a scam in play by the website. 

The instructions on the website are clear and easy to understand and the owners of the website themselves caution to not expect anywhere near a full time income from submitting your suggestions for domain names, the competition is just simply too stiff to  make more than $10-$20
from time to time.

This may be just the kind of thing that your teen could  for a little extra money (under your supervision) or it could be something that you could do just for a little fun. 

How easy is it to register with picky domains and get paid for the domain suggestions you submit?

Registering with the site is very simple, the site itself seems to be very user friendly.  I was even able to set up an easy system of receiving emails anytime new orders (requests) for domain names come in, so I can submit suggestions right away, if I so wish.  (You don't have to set it up that way, but  it is an option you can take advantage of if you want to ).

As far as how often you will get paid,  it depends on how "picky" the website owners are, your suggestions posted by you on the picky domains site may be popular right away or it may take a little while before someone chooses your creative suggestion... and be prepared for the possibility that your suggestions may never be chosen.. it's hard to say, so those are things to think about to decide whether this is worth your time!

Whatever you decide, please do read all the terms and conditions carefully for you own peace of mind.  Good luck and have fun!

If you would like to check out the picky domains website, simply click here

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