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 Online Resale:  A very do-able work at home business idea

Online Resale offers a great way for anyone, yes literally anyone to go home, get on the computer and start making money tonight.

Unlike other work at home businesses that may require a lot of planning, time and forethought (not to mention money!) to get going, this is a very easy, mom-friendly business to run and you can even have the whole family help you !

A little about Resale

Resale simply means buying items cheap and reselling them at a higher price for a profit.

Many people do this by selling on e-Bay or Craigslist.

Selling on e-Bay is great for many, the only problem with eBay recently has been the ever increasing seller's fees.

Listing for free on eBay is not a problem

(e-Bay will allow you 50 free listings per month)

 but after you sell the item, you will notice that not only do they take a chunk of change out of the profit that you made from selling the item, they also take a little chunk of change out of the shipping fee that you charge your buyer.

To be fair, eBay states that they do this to avoid exorbitant shipping fees being charged to buyers by sellers, however, for those of us who deal honestly when we sell our items on eBay (and there are many of us) it is not really fair.

It's no wonder that many of us no longer sell on eBay and have moved on to selling elsewhere, where there are NO seller's fees at all!

For many, this has been Craigslist.

While I do occasionally sell on Craigslist, (if I am having a hard time selling something) I have to admit, I am a little wary about going on that site as well simply because you don't really know who you are dealing with.

Luckily, my friend and neighbor recently introduced me to a different way:

Online Resale via selling on... Facebook!

Selling on Facebook is great because:

1. You can see a picture of who you are dealing with

2.  It is ONLY people in the area that you choose to sell in


3.  There are no selling fees!

To sell on Facebook is very easy.

Simply go to Facebook and in the search bar, start searching for these keywords:

Online garage sale

Resale group


Online Yard sale

Look through the results for an online garage sale group in your city that you can join.

Once you find one (or two or three!) that you like, ask the moderator if you can join (these are usually closed groups to avoid spammers).

That's it!

Start posting away on the Facebook group (it's usually private so unless you have a Facebook friend in your group, your other Facebook friends will not see your postings).

Ideas for items to sell include:

Used baby clothes



Houseware items



Adult clothing



and anything else you can think of!

So how can you make a business out of this?

That's where the online resale part comes in.

My very clever neighbor goes "garage sale-ing" almost every day and buys items on the cheap and resells them on either these Facebook groups or on Craigslist.

I went over with her how much she makes and she says she makes about $200 a week easily.

She could probably make more but she has another Direct Sale business that she concentrates on and she has two children to take care of as well, so she is rather busy!

Some tips on what to buy:

Some of the biggest sales my friend makes is on furniture.

She buys old furniture, sometimes cleans it up or paints it if she has extra paint lying around to make it a bit prettier and sometimes sells these items for double what she paid for them.

Another item she is very successful with?

Children's clothing!

She will buy items for .50-$1.00 at times and turn around and sell them for $5-$10 each.

Other items that I am actually very successful with myself are children's toys, such as board games, legos, blocks, train sets, action figures, toy cars and if you can find them, bikes, pogo sticks and scooters.

While online resale can be a very unconventional work at home business idea, it is a very practical and easy way for anyone to start pulling in some extra money right away, whether you are a mom at home with your kids and you can concentrate on this every day or you work every day so you can concentrate on this only on weekends!

One note about Craigslist:

Please be cautious on this site.

Try to not ever give out your real email address, otherwise, you will get many spam emails.

Once a potential buyer has made contact with you, it might be wise to meet them at a general and populated location such as Walmart with a friend or spouse with you.

It is best not to give them the address to your home, in case something goes wrong, again just please be cautious!

Click here to visit Facebook and start your new online resale business right away!

Good luck.


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