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Work as an Online Reader for Measurement Inc.

I don't know if you know this about me, but I love to read.  Like a lot.  Like when I retire, all I'm probably going to want to do is read.

You would think as a voracious reader, I would know how wrong it is to be saying "like" so much.


Measurement Inc. is hiring online readers now.  I don't think this is a job that will allow you to read interesting novels and biograhies all day long, it's more like Student Essays.

Still, it sounds kind of interesting, right?

And, you get to do it from home!

It doesn't get much better than that.

Unfortunately, they are not hiring in all U.S. states.  Right now, they are hiring in:

Florida, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

Pay is $11.70 per hour and it is seasonal which means if you're interested, you should apply now, because I don't know when they will shut down their hiring.

Here's an excerpt of the job lead on that gives a little more information:

Thank you for your interest in employment with Measurement Incorporated. We are a diverse company engaged in educational research, test development, and the scoring of tests administered throughout the world. Our company has grown to be the largest of its kind by providing consistent and reliable results to our clients. We are able to do so through the efforts of a professional and flexible staff, and we welcome your interest in becoming a member. We are currently recruiting for onsite projects that start in March at our Charlotte Scoring Center. If you qualify as a reader/evaluator, you will be eligible to work on a number of our projects. Many projects require readers to score essays for content, organization, grammatical convention, and/or the student's ability to communicate and to respond to a specific directive. Other projects involve scoring test items in reading, math, science, social studies, or other subject areas. The tests you will score come from many different states and from students at all grade levels, elementary through high school, depending on the project.


  • Bachelor's degree in any field from an accredited college/university or an equivalent foreign degree verified by an educational equivalency agency recognized by NACES.
  • Successful performance on a placement assessment.
  • Satisfactory interview and reference check.

Interested?  Apply below:

Reader / Evaluator Measurement Incorporated jobs

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