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Online Moderators

online moderator jobs

Where would the modern world be without online moderators?

I don't know and I don't want to know

We need online moderators in this day and age like we need Teachers, Policemen, Crossing Guards and those teenagers who police our children on Bouncehouses. 

Ok, this is all said tongue in cheek

But seriously, Online moderators are important

And before you try to blow me off, just visit any online forum for one of your favorite TV shows and you will see exactly what I mean. 

People who post online can be brutal.  But that's a whole other conversation that I really don't care to start here, so I won't!

Online moderators usually work part-time, and will be enforcing the rules set by the online board that they are moderating. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? 

Most online boards have the same rules:

Watch the links you post, watch your language, no bullying, etc. 

Here are a list of companies that periodically have online moderating jobs available, excerpted directly from their websites with a link to their websites below that.

Good luck!

Alchemic Dream

What they do:

    Moderate forums (protect communities against all nuisances and prejudicial attitudes while keeping them united and motivated).
    Interact with communities on different channels and networks
    Recruit and manage volunteers within the community
    Create and manage events
    Create bonds between the service and its users

What is needed to become a Community Manager?

    Excellent interpersonal skills
    Excellent linguistics skills
    Good gaming experience
    Good knowledge of the local culture and expressions
    Knowledge of how to manage and minimize conflicts

Apply at:

 99 Social

1. First of all, you “get it.” You are social media savvy and actively use the major social networks. You understand how businesses and brands use social media to build and engage with their audiences.

2. You thrive on results: You get excited with every like, retweet, share, and comment, and it bugs you when a post doesn’t get as much interaction as it should.

3. You love discovering and sharing interesting, unique, relevant content (this will be the bulk of your work), and you are really great at writing creative intros to said content that don’t put people to sleep. You also have the ability to adapt to different personality styles – important for allowing the client’s unique “vibe” to come through.

4. You are a self-starter and thrive on working independently, and you also enjoy working in a small team environment. This is a work from home position, so you must be disciplined enough to do what needs to be done – every single time.

5. You are super organized and have the ability to manage a pretty hefty task list on a daily basis without losing track of things or getting overwhelmed. This is highly important, since you could potentially be working with dozens of different accounts.

6. You are very detail-oriented and always strive for perfection in your work – you take an almost obsessive pride and ownership in a job well done. You are also a grammar and spelling aficionado, and never make mistakes. (Hugely important. You have to know: Your vs. You’re; There, Their, They’re, etc. Our commitment to our clients is no mistakes — ever.)

7. You have wit, a sense of humor, creativity, and awesomeness. . . and you don’t mind who knows it!


    This is a work from home position – no commute or gas guzzling required (hooray)!
    Number of hours will vary based on the number of accounts you choose to take on. We ask for a minimum commitment of 10 accounts (approx. 3.5 hours per week), however you can take as many accounts as you can reasonably and expertly handle (this will also depend on how many we have available).
    You will be paid a flat rate per account, not an hourly wage, which means you have some control over how much you do or don’t make. In other words, the faster you work, the more you earn per hour. The slower you work, the less you earn per hour. That said, most of our Content Specialists earn an average of $12 per hour.
    A high-functioning computer with internet capability is a requirement.
    We require 6-7 hours of self-paced online training and a few conference calls before you are assigned any accounts.
    This is an independent contractor position. This means we do not withhold taxes, etc. from your pay – this will be your responsibility.

Apply at:

The Social Element

"Do you want to work at The Social Element? As a fast-growing global social media agency, we are always interested in hearing from talented community managers, social media managers, and user-generated content (UGC) moderators who are passionate about creating an engaging online experience.

And if you speak more than one language, even better – many of our clients are leading international brands who engage with their customers in multiple languages.
Flexible Working Hours and Locations

Our amazing team is based around the globe, not quite from Antigua to Zanzibar, but pretty much everywhere in between. As a distributed workforce, we offer the opportunity to work flexible hours across different time zones. This suits our staff, it suits us, and it suits our clients.

If you are interested in joining the The Social Element team, please submit your CV or resume via the Submit Resume form under the Candidate Area at the top of the page. We will contact you when a relevant opportunity arises."

Submit resume at:

Bazaar Voice
  Austin TX only

"Content Analysts read and process the large quantities of user generated content that is posted to our client's websites. This content includes, but is not limited to, customer product reviews, questions, and general comments. Bazaarvoice has over 5000 global clients. Each client has a unique set of guidelines by which their content is processed and coded. A successful Content Analyst is someone who knows how to work independently in a focused manner, someone who is detail oriented and readily picks up new technology and information, and someone who is a quick and competent reader.


A new Content Analyst participates in a three-week paid training program. The Content Analyst will watch online modules, be expected to study independently, take online practice tests and attend scheduled webinars. Someone who has successfully completed an online college course or similar exercise is an ideal candidate.


Once the training is complete, the Content Analyst will commit to a set schedule of 20 hours each week. Additionally, 8 of those 20 scheduled hours must be between Friday at 4PM and Sunday at Midnight CST. These 20 hours are set and do not change from week to week. In addition to the 20 hours, we offer extra flex time hours to be worked whenever you choose. Up to an additional 9 hours can be worked anytime during the week, for a total maximum of 29 hours per week.


Following completion of the training program all new Content Analysts will be assigned to a Coach - an experienced Content Analyst - who will work closely with them during the first weeks of moderating live content. Candidates must be comfortable interacting in an online environment, asking and responding to questions through email, and able to quickly learn and make work-related adjustments based on feedback given.


We are looking for candidates who can commit to a successful completion of the training program, and who are able to integrate a part-time weekly work commitment seamlessly into their lifestyle. Candidates must reside in the greater Austin metro area."

Find out more at:


This is a part-time position, primarily evenings & weekends. Must also be available to work on holidays.

    Review content submitted for moderation and ensure that it meets community guidelines
    Prepare internal reports on daily community activity
    Serve as an internal voice of Ask to our user community, reinforcing a high quality user experience
    Work through a wide variety of channels to maintain public points of contact with users
    Identify and engage key users
    Engaging users on a personal level while scaling for high volume of contacts
    Designated Ask user community advocate, soliciting product feedback and addressing questions/concerns
    Compile user feedback and serve directly back to the product/marketing teams to help build more effective initiatives
    Escalate ideas, issues, concerns and insights to the Director of Community
    Engage Ask’s most passionate users to develop a more engaged user community
    Able to resolve user concerns with maturity and poise
    Stay current with emerging trends and social media tools

Required Experience

    Passion for communicating with and meeting people
    Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, and interpersonal skills)
    Someone who can work both independently and as a strong contributor to a team
    Able to balance the needs of the community with the needs of the business
    Extensive engagement in and understanding of online social networks
    1-2 years experience, preferably in community moderation and/or social media
    Must be proficient in MS Office suite program
    Interest in a wide variety of subject matter
    Ability to work quickly & efficiently, at a high degree of quality
    Must be able to work evenings and weekends.

Location:  Work from home; telecommute"

Find out more at:



Mods are pros in digital engagement: moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing in social media. As a Mod in our network, you can work from any private location with secure high-speed internet access. You'll select your projects based on YOUR passions - and schedule when YOU want to deliver. #modsnotcubes

More at:


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