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The top 4 online job boards for telecommuting job seekers:

Which online job boards are best when searching for a legitimate work at home job?

Here are my favs:

We are knee deep in the internet age and so to tell you the truth, searching for jobs via your local newspaper's want ads are a thing of the past.

So it is that many of us nowadays go  online to find a job , whether it be a work at home position or a traditional job at a "brick and mortar" company. 

Bottom line?  It's just easier.

But then the question becomes which online job boards are the best of the best.  And not only that, did you know that there are skill specific job boards that will help you narrow down your job search even more?

For example, there are job boards for freelance writers, IT specialists, Tutors, even pet sitters and babysitters in addition to the general job boards available.

Below are my top picks for online job boards but first a few tips:

Tip #1:
Use specific Search Terms

When searching the online job boards for a work at home job, be as specific as possible:

Try to avoid only using general search terms such as:
Work from home   

Using this type of a search term will bring back a lot of spam jobs and nonsense or worse yet, outright scams.. so try being as specific as you can be using specific terms such as :

Customer Service Work from home jobs


Virtual Tutors


So next time you are searching, try putting in the specific type of job you are looking for

(teaching, customer service, administrative assistant, accountant)


one of the search terms below:



Work at home

Work from home



Tip # 2
Extend the boundaries of your search

To find a greater array  of companies that are hiring nationwide

(rather than just in the city that you live in) 

try leaving the zipcode/city-state field blank when you are conducting your job search.

If you are only searching in your particular city for available work at home positions, you may find that there are very few positions available! 

Plus, don't forget that working from home means that you can work from anywhere so you are not limited to searching for work at home jobs in the city you reside in!

Tip #3
Start by searching for the most common types of work at home jobs available

Most of the work at home jobs that you will find on online job boards will fall under the following categories :

1.  Telephone Based Work

This usually involves sales, customer service or appointment setters

2.  Transcription work

Usually general or medical based transcription  (medical based transcription does require training and certification).

3.  IT work

Technical Support, web designers.

4. Writing Jobs

Bloggers, editors , journalists

General Job boards include:

Specialty Job Boards

There are other job boards and job sites as well that you can look at if you are interested in a particular niche such as tutoring or freelance writing.  Below are some of the pages I have written on the best job boards that I have found in the areas that you may be interested in:

Freelance Writing Jobs

Tutoring Jobs

Last Tip:
The Early Bird gets the worm!

Don't delay, try to jump on available work at home jobs right away!

Remember that there are thousands of job seekers out there searching these boards every day , so competition could be pretty stiff. 

Try  to set aside  some time every morning to peruse the
want ads on these online job boards and when you see one you like, try to apply for the position same day if you can.

Finding a work at home job does take some persistence and determination. 

To find the right job for you make take a few months or even longer but it is possible to find work at home positions.

I am living proof so don't give up!

Searching online job boards may indeed yield you a work at home position but don't forget that I have compiled a comprehensive list of work at home positions right here on this very site!

Start your journey on the home page of this site:

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