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Home-Based Business Idea: Notary Signing Agent

Can you really build a successful business as a Notary Signing agent?

Today's featured work at home business is in the area of Working as a Notary Closer .

What is a Notary Closer?

When a soon-to-be homeowner goes to sign the papers to officially take ownership of their new house, typically the person who is responsible for notarizing the legal documents and making sure that ALL of the documents are signed correctly (all of the i's dotted and your t's crossed) is someone called a notary.

A notary signing agent is someone who has been specifically trained to notarize legal documents at a real estate closing.

These closings will typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete and you can expect to be paid on average $50 for the service that you provide. ($50 is what you can typically expect but some notaries report making upwards of $100 + per closing.)

This is not a "work from home" position. However, it is very flexible as you will simply need to arrange a meeting time that works for you and your client.

You will be considered an independent contractor, not an employee and as such, you will be running your own business, contacting real estate companies to let them know that you are available to notarize legal documents for their closings

How much training will you need to be a Notary Signing Agent?

The neat thing about working as a notary signing agent is that it does not require a huge amount of training to get started.

Some states will require that you take a notary exam, other states only require that you apply and have your application accepted by the Secretary of State (in the state you reside in)

For example, when I lived in California, my boss sent me to a 2 day notary training workshop, wherein I learned all there was to know about the legal requirements to be a notary, culminating with a notary exam. It was not difficult at all but I did have to set aside a full 2 days to the endeavor.

Living here in Texas, I was surprised to see that all I have to do to become a notary in this state is to apply and have my application accepted !

You can check your state's requirements at the following nationally recognized site for Notaries:

There is a fee to apply (somewhere in the realm of $21-$75) this is for the application only!

You will also need to obtain an insurance bond (this is to protect yourself legally, plus it is required by state law) and then you will want to purchase your notary seal and journal.

Typically, when all is said and done, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$250 to get yourself all set up as a Notary and start your business.

That's not bad when you consider that you would only have to set up 5 appointments in one week (at $50 an appointment) to make up the start up costs you would pay for this business.

Where to find companies that you can work for:

In order to be successful in your new business, you will need to find companies that you can work for

I suggest going to Google and entering in the search term "Signing companies" and just start searching in your own hometown.

If you're still not sure who to go with here are some websites that you can contact to get the ball rolling:


NationsSignatureClosers (Notary Signing Agents)

Insured Closings


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