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No schedule non phone jobs

I am looking for a work at home job that I could do without a set schedule as there are some nights I can work 2-3 hours and other nights where I have no time to work. I'd prefer to not do phone work as well because I don't have a phone line at my house, just internet connection. If its something I could make $10 an hour at, that would be perfect!! I also am registered with many survey sites, which I get qualification emails from but every time when I start the survey it ends up stating for one reason or another that I do not qualify, this is usually after I spend 5 to 10 minutes answering questions, that gets old pretty fast.
Thank you


Hi Ashley!

I certainly understand that dilemma! Flexibility in a work at home job is something I require too. Some of the most flexible non-phone work-at-home jobs can be found in the area of chat. So, I suggest looking at :

Worldwide Hosting Jobs- Chat

and my page on chat jobs at:

Some other ideas might include working as a researcher:

Getting paid to grade papers:

Working from home reviewing calls between customers and reps:

Write for Textbroker:

Transcription work that you can start today:

More transcription work:


Social Media Assesors:

Check it out here ( this one does require a smartphone).

This list should keep you busy for a while! My suggestion is to apply to as many as you can and see what comes up. Keep me posted?

Good luck!

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