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No Experience Jobs:
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no experience jobs

I know that it can be hard landing a job if you don't have any experience.

It's that classic Catch-22.

You can't get a job if you don't have any experience..

But you can't get any experience without getting a job!

The 10 companies listed below are perfect for those of you who have little to no experience; I call them no experience jobs.

Still, don't forget to play up the experience that you do have.

It's all about being clever in your wording when you apply and when you put together your resume.

I recommend getting a resume savvy relative or friend to help you out with that. Here we are: 

No Experience Jobs:
10 Work from home Companies that require little to no experience


Sounds like a pretty fun gig as a Virtual Assistant, doing various tasks. There is work availability 24 hours a day. Pay starts at about $2.50- $7 per task, but as stated on the site, there is room for growth.

2. Reynolds and Reynolds

This company offers virtual opportunities in the area of sales. Basically, you are the one making follow-up calls to customers who have requested information about certain products such as cars. This is part-time work and pays less than $1,000 per month.


I see these job postings often, in select cities throughout the U.S. The page link above will give you a list of all the cities in which Enterprise is currently hiring. The job involves being a rental reservations agent. Having done this type of job before for Hertz Rent A Car through Working Solutions, I can tell you that the job can be very easy.


This job recruits teenagers as young as 16 years old to work from home. So, needless to say, it's not a hard job to get hired into. Keep in mind that you may be dealing with people who are lost and frazzled, so this may be a job that will require you to stay cool under pressure. No problem for us cool as a cucumber Moms, though!



If there are openings, you'll find this company is easy to get into. They offer no experience jobs as Mystery Shoppers via telephone.


Nexrep offers many different positions, or, no experience jobs. Depending on what you are willing to do (sales, virtual receptionists) you can hired on pretty quickly.  Hours seem to be readily available at about 15 hours + a week. Training is unpaid but once you start, you can choose your own schedule. Best part? If you have a semi-decent resume and a clean criminal background check, you're almost a shoo-in to get hired.


They call you a "Virtual Customer" but really, you would be a Mystery Shopper. No experience needed!


This company also requires very little experience. You would be calling clients to remind them to take their medication. See more info on my website here.

9. Pierce Eislen

This company hires only twice a year, for their spring and fall campaigns, still, I thought I would include it here because it may be a perfect job for a mom who is looking for temporary work for a few months out of the year. You can see my review of this company on my site here.


Last but not least is Textbroker. If you want to get some writing credits for a portfolio that you're trying to build as a Freelance Writer, this would be a great company to start with.

The pay may be low, still, it's a great way to get your foot in the Freelance writing world. When you apply, be sure to bring your "A" game and write a fully detailed and informative piece.

However, don't worry if they don't rank your piece too highly because they do that with everyone. If they rank you too highly, you can charge more for your Freelance services. So, they deliberately keep you ranked low until you prove yourself by getting some great reviews from clients. Keep that in mind!

Good luck.


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