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Make extra money -
No Background check needed

Make Extra Money- No Background check needed.

Not passing a background check?

These are the companies/websites to look at:

If you're having a hard time finding a company that will hire you because of something in your past, then here are some companies that may hire you.

Not all of these companies offer full time, or even part-time positions , but they may offer you a way to make some extra money while you figure out your next steps.

Here are 20 websites that will help you (and really anyone) make some extra cash:

Find Work- No Background check needed:

Jobs for those who may not pass a criminal background check

1. Freelance writing

The best thing you can do is just start.  Don't be afraid to start building  your portfolio with lower-paying jobs, because the higher paying jobs will come with time and experience.

2. Test websites

Testing websites is very simple work, and it can be fun too.  No technical knowledge is required.  The pay is usually around $10 for 20 minutes of work.

For other companies that hire website testers, see my page on this subject here.

3. Call Reviewing

Humanatic requires a little customer service experience but it is not hard to get accepted.  You would be reviewing calls for accuracy- from home.

See my review of this work opportunity here.

4. Do Micro tasks

Micro Task websites offer immediate work, no background check needed and pay is usually via Paypal.  Clickworker is one such example of a crowdsourcing website that offers micro task work:

See my review of this company here.

5. Review music  

For music lovers. 

You would be listening to songs by aspiring artists, and it may be in various genres:

6. Participate in blogs and forums for pay

Get paid to post on websites, blogs and frums.

7. Write easy articles for pay

Textbroker is like crowdsourcing for aspiring freelance writers.  Simply apply, submit a writing sample and then get assigned a rank, that will open you up to mini writing assignments for pay.

8. More writing websites

iwriter is another great way to get your foot in the door of the freelance writing world.

9. Micro tasks

Similar to Clickworker, the sites listed below offer many opportunities to do little pieces of work, 24 hours a day, for pay.

                             See my list of crowdsourcing companies here.

10. More Micro task work

Amazon Mechanical Turk was one of the original micro task sites.

For my review on how this works, see:

11. Do little tasks for pay

Home-Based online work for companies.

12. Data Entry Work

One of the original home-based data entry work sites
Virtual Bee is now:

13. Mobile Video Surveys

Companies pay to hear your opinions expressed via video.

14. Make money running around town with your smartphone

Do tasks for clients in your local area.

15. Do tasks for others in your city

Simply download the app to get started

16.  Non-Phone Online work

Leapforce has many positions in the realm of social media and search engine evaluators: ( now Appen)

17. Online Moderators

This is fun, online work moderating blog forums:

18. Ticket Pullers

You have to be pretty quick on the computer.  You would be buying tickets for concertgoers.

19. Freelance non phone work

SImilar to the Smartcrowd and Leapforce, this position offers work at home jobs , no phone may be needed for many positions.

20. Write for is always looking for freelance writers who can write one of their articles.  Tons of work available and they pay $80 per article.

I hope this helps, Good luck!


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