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Make Extra Money as an Online Tutor- No Degree Required

work as an online tutor for

If you've been interested in working as an online tutor but have been scared away from applying due to not having your degree, you might want to check out a company named Nice Talk.

Excerpted directly via their website:

"China’s first mobile English learning platform that provides students with instant access to fluent English speakers through one on one video chat."

What will you be doing?

Basically, you will be tutoring Chinese students of various ages who want to practice speaking English with a native English speaker.

Mostly, they just want to be able to speak conversational English and so you will not really need to have any sort of a curriculum.

Instead, you'll just need to be friendly, outgoing and conversational.

It might be helpful to jot some questions down that you can ask your students to keep the conversation going, things such as their favorite foods, colors, what the weather is like, etc.

No Teaching credentials are needed. 

It's left up to you to employ the best methods and teaching style.  Again, it's more of a conversational teaching app, where students just want to try to have a conversation in English .

It might be in your best interests to find a way to engage your students and make their learning fun so that they seek you out for another lesson or conversation.

One tip:

China is ahead of EST time by about 12 hours so please keep that in mind. 

According to users of the app the best time to be available is between 5 am- 9 am EST , which is 5 pm - 9pm in China (prime time).

Teaching is done through the Nice Talk App

So, yes the application process and the lessons you have will be done via Video Chat on the Nice Talk App.

The app cannot be found on, I do believe you may be able to find it on Google Play if you have an Android, but the easiest way to download the app (it's free) is by navigating to on your cellphone.

From there, simply select "install" in the upper right corner to install the app.

The app is compatible with IOS and Android cellphones.  It works best  with cellphones with that have a  7.0 and above IOS operation system  or a  4.0  and above Android operation system.

Amount of money you can make?

An extra $100-300 a month and up depending on how much time you put into it.

Pay as of this writing is $10 per hour.

You are paid via Paypal every Monday. 

If you have made less than $20 in the previous week, then your payment will roll over into the next week's payment.

So, not a ton of money but maybe enough to pad your pocketbook nicely for any little extras.

Is this opportunity available to those outside of the U.S.?

In short , yes; granted you are a Native English speaker.

The site says that the app is available for Tutors who live in the following countries:  

USA, Australia, Canada and the UK.

However, they may accept tutors from other countries granted you do well in a video interview in which you are asked to display your English speaking fluency.

You will need to submit this video that shows your English fluency, this is done directly through the app.  Keep it to about a minute-  introduce yourself, share what you have to offer and then sit back and wait to hear if you are being accepted as a Nice Talk tutor.

How to Apply

Applying is very simple.  It can be done directly through the app.

Simply download the app (it's free) and submit your application through the app.

Again it's found at

Good luck!

> > Nice Talk

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