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How to get started with Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping can be a great way to bring in some extra money or enhance your current lifestyle.

While it might not be suitable for bringing in a full time income, it may be a great way to eat at nice restaurants, go to movies, even visit amusement parks for free.

It is also a great way to earn some extra money that can be used for something special you are saving for, such as a family vacation, a high ticket item, or some other fun activity.

For a list of 26 shopping companies that hire independent contractors scroll further on down below!

If you are curious about what types of shops are available and most commonly encountered, please make sure to visit my page on the different types of shops that you may see. Simply click on the link below!

Click here to check out the different types of shops available

Beware of scams!

The biggest scam out there related to shops has to do with a person being told they will be paid via money order or check which is usually sent by Western Union or Money Gram.

That is your first clue that something is not right!

The person is usually told that they will be paid a larger sum than the shop assignment requires but that if they deposit it in their bank account, they can deduct the amount they are to be paid for completing the shop assignment and they are then to wire the rest of the funds through Western Union or Money Gram .

If you encounter this, it is a scam.

What happens here is that the check or money order is fraudulent and is returned “unpaid” by your bank, after you have wired the remainder of the funds back to them via Western Union or Money Gram.

A legitimate company will tell you up front what your assignment will be, how much you will be paid (the exact amount) and when you can expect to be paid.

For more information on this, please visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association at

Mystery Shopping:
Get started right away!

If you are looking to apply to various shop companies immediately, you'll want to have several things in place to make the application process go quickly and smoothly:

For a quick and easy explanation on how to get set up as a mystery shopper, click here!

Many shopping companies will ask for a writing sample of a positive customer service experience that you may have had,along with perhaps an essay on why you would make a good shopper.

Click here for a guide on how to write great shop reports

You may also want to look into becoming a silver or gold certified shopper!

Getting certified is easy! Click here for quick and easy information on how to get your shopping certification

Listed below are 25 Shopping companies to get you started. All of the below companies are registered with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).

1. Ath Power Consulting Corporation

2. About Face

3. ACE Mystery Shopping

4. A Closer Look

5. Bare Associates International

6. BestMark

7. Beyond Hello

8. BMA

9. Business Evaluator Services

10. Cirrus Marketing Consultants

11. Coast to Coast Scheduling

12. Customer 1st

13. Customer Perspectives

14. Customer Service Experts

15. DSG Associates

16. Ellis Property Management Service

17. Feedback Plus

18. GAPbuster Worldwide

19. ICC Decision Services

20. IntelliShop

21. Kern Scheduling Services

22. Management Consultant Group

23. NOP

24. Service Performance Group

25. TrendSource

26. Marketforce

Do you currently enjoy mystery shopping? Share your experience with us!

Are you currently a mystery shopper? Share your best (or worst) "shop" with us! Any funny or unusual stories welcome! Don't have a story to tell? That's ok! Come in and share your thoughts and suggestions.

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