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How to write great mystery shop reports

Mystery Shop Reports a guide

Writing great mystery shop reports is a key ingredient in becoming a "go-to" mystery shopper.

As a mystery shopper, you will find that completing the shops you are assigned to is only 50% of the equation.

Just as important are the actual mystery shop reports you will complete detailing your visit, phone call or experience during the shop.

What kind of mystery shop reports are companies looking for?

1. Companies are looking for detailed shop reports.

The more details the better.

If the store looked dirty or unkempt, why?

Was there trash on the floor? Was the floor sticky? Were the bathrooms unclean?

2. Make sure your report is grammatically correct.

Is everything spelled correctly, do you have the proper punctuation throughout the report?

3.Make sure your mystery shop reports are submitted on time.

This is very important. If you ever think you will be late with one of your mystery shop reports, contact your scheduler.

Most of the time, they are willing to push back the due date on your report.

Another note, although some mystery shopping companies will not admit this, most times, your mystery shop reports are "graded".

Great report= good grade= opportunity for more or better paying shops.

Below are a few examples of a Mystery Shop report.

These are meant to be used as a guide, feel free to put your own spin on them. :)

I recommend making four of your own writing samples that can be used when filling out applications to mystery shopping companies.

This will save you a lot of time if you are planning on applying to a large number of companies.

You may be surprised at the length of these mystery shopping reports (specifically how short they are!).

You can embellish these reports and make them longer if you wish but really, as long as the necessary information is included, you should be fine.

Most of these reports are "graded" by mystery shop report editors and what makes them the most happy is seeing a grammatically correct report with little to no spelling errors!

Click here for a list of 25 mystery shop companies that are registered with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association!!

Mystery shop reports (writing samples):

The following are some examples of mystery shop reports that you can use as a guide to either fill out applications for companies that you wish to apply for or to complete a shop!

You may be surprised at how brief they are but you will find that companies are not looking so much for a long report but instead they are looking for a grammatically correct and detailed report.

Here you go:

Positive Customer Service Experience (Example for your Mystery Shop Report)

I recently went to xyz supermarket to shop for groceries.

The outside of the store was clean and tidy and there was no trash on the sidewalk.

The outside of the store was decorated nicely with fresh flowers for sale and sale signs that were neatly displayed.

Once inside the store, I was greeted immediately by an employee with a smile and a wave.

The floors were clean, there were tables next to the deli department and they were clean and shiny as well.

Throughout the store, there were creative displays of merchandise such as wine, flowers and sale items such as water bottles, chips and toilet paper at the end of many of the store aisles.

When it was time to checkout, there were a few long lines starting to form, however, one of the checkers called for checkout assistance and immediately, a manager appeared to make the checkout process go faster.

The cashier who assisted me was very pleasant, asked if I found everything I needed and rang me up quickly and professionally.

From the moment I stepped into the store until the time I left, all of the above made my visit a pleasant one.

Poor Customer Service Experience
(Example for your Mystery Shop Report)

I was in line at the concession stand in a movie theatre and there was a big crowd, however, there was only one cashier at the front helping customers.

This made it so that we had to wait in line for 15 minutes and nearly missed the start of the movie.

Once inside the movie theatre, I noticed there was popcorn on the floor and sticky in some places, as if something had been spilled on the floor and not properly cleaned up.

The movie theatre was poorly kept, not cleaned well and it seemed that there needed to be more staff available for the large quantity of customers that needed assistance

Why I would make a good mystery shopper (Example for an application)

I believe I would make a great mystery shopper because, first of all I love to shop!

Secondly, having worked in customer service for over 18 years, I love to talk with people and build a good rapport with them.

Having worked from home for the last 6 years, I also find that being a reliable employee is a must to be successful at my job.

I am reliable in doing the work that is given to me and happy to do so!

I understand that working as a mystery shopper means being dependable and doing what I say I will do, on time and doing the task correctly.

Thank you for your consideration.

Why Mystery Shopping is important (Example for a Mystery Shop Application)

Mystery shopping is important because it allows companies to see how their employees are reacting in certain situations, whether it be with customer service, how they deal with returns, or perhaps how they deal with a difficult or persistent customer.

In knowing this, companies may have a better idea of how to train their employees to better understand the needs of customers and thus be better equipped to handle any situation!

For those employees who are already doing an excellent job, mystery shopping can serve as positive reinforcement. Many employees may get rewarded by their company for the excellent customer service that they provide.

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