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My experience with online research companies.

by Karen
(Coshocton, OH, U.S.)

I've checked out 1500 research companies. Most of your companies are on ScamExposer scam list of 100 + surveys companies. I work with cash only paid to a debit card or by Paypal. I don't like points. The cash out with surveys with points very considerably. For example,Survey A points may equal 13,000 points for $10 with a cash out of $20. Most of them is prescreened and you get knocked out of them. Some you can do several surveys a day but don't qualify for any. Other surveys takes as long as 3 weeks for a check by mail and sometimes 4 to 6 weeks to get verified so you can get paid. Research companies don't sell your email address so you don't get no spam. I always look for research with a prescreen survey to see if you qualify. This prevents you from getting near the end of a survey and then getting disqualified. That's a bummer. I have got paid a lot of times with Resolution Research. They pay in cash on a Payoneer Visa card. It's a debit card good at any store. You have to cash out at $20. No point system. Also, I've made money with Crowdology-again a prescreener is used, pays in cash,no points,Springboard America, no points, pays in cash. Used to make money with Vindale Research but they changed over to points and have a lot of complaints against them. They are a scam now!Also made money with PaidViewPoint changed over to points and quit sending me surveys. Now on a scam list. Only Cash Surveys pays cash but I never qualified for one. One day, I did up to 10 surveys in one day worth $25. IF I would've qualified for them. I quit them. Same thing with Dollar Surveys. net. You get a lot of surveys each day but I didn't qualify for them. I quit them to. If you want my list of scams I'll make a list and give them to. I go to 3 different scam sites to check these surveys out.

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