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Be a mock juror from home-  and earn some extra cash! (maybe)

So, working as a mock juror (online) was one idea I came across when I was first searching on the net for real ways to make money from home. 

At the time, I was looking for some ideas to make extra cash and not necessarily a solid and stable work at home job.

Turns out, this is exactly what this opportunity turned out to be.

I found a website at the time ( I don't think they're around anymore) that would pay me $20 for every case that I would review.  I thought it was a win-win. 

I love to read, it was flexible work, interesting and would probably not take more than an hour.

I got so excited when I thought about making money in this way, but boy was I in for a rude awakening. 

Not Enough work available for mock jurors

First problem?  There just wasn't enough work.  Or I didn't qualify to work as an online juror. 

To this day, I don't know which one it was, but I suspect it was the latter.

I'm not sure how it is now, as I haven't tried to get work as a mock juror in quite a while, however, landing my first mock trial was a breeze.

It was getting any after that that was the problem.

My answers to their queries about the trial were lengthy and wordy, but I thought that to be a good thing, I mean after all, they were paying me to know my opinion on the trial, right?

Still, seeing as how getting approved to work a second case through them was virtually impossible, I am tempted to think I was too verbose.

And the second problem?

I was just way too honest.

I got a mock trial for an alleged vehicular manslaughter case where the defendant stated that he was not at fault for the accident.  In reviewing the case, I disagreed.

The job entailed having me give my opinion as to whether the defendant had a solid defense strategy and I didn't think he did, so I listed the reasons why.  I got my $20.00 for the work that I did as a mock juror and never got invited or accepted to read another mock trial for that company.

It just made me wonder.

Soon after this, I stopped trying to qualify for these mock trials because I landed my first work at home job with steady hours and a steady paycheck.  Out of sight, out of mind.

So, this method of making money online did not work for me, but it might work for you!  If it did, drop me a line, it would be great to hear some success stories!

In the meantime,

Below you will find a list of 3 companies that will pay you for this type of work:

1. Online Verdict

This site requires that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are a U.S. citizen. The average case will take you anywhere from 40-60 minutes to review and you will be paid $20-60. You are paid via check by mail. Below is the website:


This is another online mock juror opportunity that will pay you anywhere from $10-$15 for your services. Check out their website below for more info:


This is a private consulting company that is often seeking mock jurors in select cities. Be advised that this is not a "work at home opportunity". You would have to attend the mock trial proceedings at a location in your city, however, the pay can be as high as $100 for a day of work.

Good luck!

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