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Merchandisers Needed at Walmart Now

If you're looking for a job right away and you don't have a ton of experience, working as a Merchandiser might be the way to go.

Let me start off by saying that this is not a work-at-home position, however, working as a merchandiser can offer a very flexible schedule and a lot of independence.

I have worked as a merchandiser and I can tell you that while it may be a very physical job, and you may put in a lot of long hours, it can be a very rewarding job. 

When I first started out working as a Merchandiser, I did so with no experience whatsoever, and basically, it was an in-between job.

The company I worked for had been bought out by another company and I, along with 150 of my fellow colleagues were laid off.  

I had to find a job quickly, and after attending a local job fair, I found lots of options. 

One in particular, promised me a fair wage plus pay for mileage and a car allowance, 2 weeks of vacation per year, full medical and dental, an attractive work schedule and weekends off.

I jumped on it, and didn't regret it one bit, as a I earned valuable experience and developed great relationships, which led to an even better position with a sister company.

My point is, don't discount jobs such as this one. 

If you're willing to work hard, build connections and keep a positive attitude, there's no telling how far you can go!

Work as a Merchandiser for Walmart

 This merchandising job is being offered by a company named Crossmark.

Right now they are looking for people who can work as part-time retail merchandisers for Walmart.

They're hiring in many cities across the U.S.   

Typically, pay starts at about $12 per hour.

However if you've never worked as a merchandiser, they may start you out at $10.50 per hour.


Job Responsibilities USA, LLC

 As a  Walmart Merchandiser, you may be setting up displays, endcaps, stocking shelves, doing aisle re-sets and/or working in out-of-stock  items.

 It is helpful if you are familiar with planograms.

You may need to be able to communicate well with store management and personnel in regards to Promotions, setting up displays, and working with back stock.

 You may need to provide assistance to Shoppers who are  shopping in store.

 You will need to be organized and will need to make sure that all work is completed on time

 You will need to be able to record your mileage, be proficient in web applications in order to check your schedule for work assignments and hand in any reports on time.


Walmart Merchandiser

Here are some of the qualifications in order to work as a Merchandiser for Walmart:

 You will need to have basic computer and internet skills.

 You will need to have access to a smartphone a printer and the internet.

 You will need to have access to reliable transportation.

 You will need to have strong organizational interpersonal and decision-making skills.

 You should be able to regularly lift up to 25 lbs or more. This may be a very physical job, you may be on your feet for most of the day, you may be moving shelves building displays or reorganizing products


Here's some info on the schedule:

 This job is offered as a part-time job.

Hours may vary according to the territory you're assigned.

You may be required to work overnight or on the weekends.

 Interested in applying ?

Check out the link below and I wish you the best of luck!

- - Work as a Merchandiser for Walmart USA, LLC

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