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Work from home for Mckesson as a registered nurse.


I just love finding out about companies like this!

McKesson is a company that hires registered nurses and physicians who wish to work from home.

This home based call center program first began back in 2003 with a group of registered nurses who were currently working in a call center but were willing to be a part of a new program that would train registered nurses to work out of their homes.

This new program would pay their at home nurses approximately 20% less than nurses in a "brick and mortar" call center due to the fact that the work at home nurses would not have the typical expenses that one would pay while working outside the home(such as gasoline, wardrobe and lunch expenses).

Many of these nurses were glad to take the leap to work from home.

This program is still in effect presently, making this a great opportunity for any registered nurse who wishes to work from home.

Here are some details:

You may have some questions about the company, some of the questions may include:

What kind of work will I be doing?.

Working for McKesson, you can expect that you will be working in triage and answering incoming calls that will be routed to your home. Calls may include questions about how to treat certain illnesses or medical conditions. You may also be performing outbound calls, helping patients who need assistance with a chronic medical condition.

How long is the training period?

You can expect that the training period may be quite involved and will last approximately 4 weeks.

You will be training from home in a virtual environment, however, the company may require you to visit the regional offices closest to you before the start of your employment date.

How much can I expect to get paid?

You can expect the pay range to be around $50 thousand per year and the hours are full time.

Health insurance and a 401 k program are also offered. 

One more interesting tidbit:

A little birdie told me (and I have been able to verify that this is indeed the case) that Working Solutions has partnered with McKesson to offer at home positions to registered nurses.

Job duties still entail inbound customer service, triage and helping to answer general questions about medical conditions and the like. The pay is approximately $30+ an hour.

To apply for this project you must be an active Working Solutions agent.
To find out more information about Working Solutions, click here

To find out more information about McKesson or to apply directly with the company, click here.

Once on the site, make sure to use the search bar and enter the keywords "work from home"

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