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Make cash online :
18 sites that will help

A list of 18 sites that will help you to make cash online legitimately.

Make Cash online: 18 sites that will help

I know that many of us are trying to find a way to make ends meet. Sometimes we are able to make ends meet but..... that is all we are able to do.  It's nice to have money for the extras.

You know, going to the movies, going out to lunch with a friend, buying that book that you have had your eye on.   That is the beauty of finding easy ways to make some extra money via these pay per task sites. 

Disclaimer:  You will not make a lot of money on these sites for the amount of time you are putting into the tasks they give you.   So these tasks might be a better fit for a college student or an older high school student who is looking to make a little more money than they would make babysitting!

You have to be very careful out there now a days because the "make cash online" world (especially) is riddled with scams. 

Here are a few sites that offer quick ways to make cash online or via
other methods such as your smartphone. 

These opportunities have been researched carefully but things may change quickly, so I always recommend that you research the companies on your own to make sure that nothing has changed and that it is still operating in a scam free fashion.  

(It's easy to find out if companies are scams... just do a Google search for the company and add "scam" as a search term).

Thes companies do not offer full time employment.. instead they offer people a way to get paid for tasks that you will perform either for the company or for others in the online community.

This site is basically almost exactly like except on a smaller scale  (money-wise that is). 

This site is also an online marketplace where you can sell anything you want but you can't sell it for more than $5.00. 

Hence the name! 

On this website, you will see thing that are a little bit.. stranger, perhaps? 

Like what, you may ask?

  Try this:

"I will send a Birthday message to anyone you like dressed as a Fairy Godmother for $5.00." 

A little kooky perhaps but will someone purchase that service for $5.00.. that is the question!

Ok, my opinion?  I would be more interested in going on this site as a buyer (to see what $5 would buy me)  than a seller (because I don't know if it would be worth my time to sell anything for $5.00).

But hey, that's just me.

Task Rabbit

This website is available to buyers and sellers in select cities.  Basically  buyers will post tasks that they need to have completed and that they are willing to pay for.  Such as running errands, gardening, grocery shopping, etc.

The buyer and you can determine and perhaps negotiate an appropriate price for the services rendered.

  For more information on how to make cash online with Task Rabbit, stop by my page on this company by clicking on the link below.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk has been around for a long time.  I remember checking it out years ago when I was first looking into working from home. 

This website allows anyone to sign up and work when they can, the work is plentiful but it literally pays you cents for your time.

  For many, it may not be worth it.  (I'll be honest, for me, it wasn't worth my time). 

However, there are  probably some teen prodigies who can go in and do the work required quickly enough to get a decent wage in return for their work and time (I'm just not one of them, not a teen and certainly not a prodigy!).

If I haven't completely discouraged you, go check out the type of work you would be doing by clicking on the link below:

Find out more about Amazon Mechanical Turk below:

This is an interesting way to make cash online for those of you with an iPhone. offers a free app that you can download to your iPhone and it will alert you to tasks that you can do for pay in
your area. 

The jobs can range from doing a price check with a photo to completing a survey. Using your iPhone, you will upload the information you recover to the site.

  Pay ranges anywhere from $3-$12.  Payment will come through Paypal. has a similar philosophy to that of Amazon Mechanical Turk and that is that there are some jobs that can not be done by a computer and need a human touch. 

The website will post jobs  that the corporations or individual entrepeneurs need to have completed. 

For more information, check out the website using the link below:


Gigwalk is another neat little app that you can download to your smartphone.  This app will show you tasks or "gigs" that need to be completed in your area. 

It is very similar to the work that you will find on 

It can involve taking a picture of a restaurant menu, a street sign or any other variety of similar gigs.

For more info on how to make cash online with Gigwalk, check out my page on it here.


This website has you sign up through Facebook (a Facebook account is required in order to work through Cloudcrowd).

  Similar to Amazon Turk, you will complete small tasks such as editing or proofreading a website page)  and get paid a small amount (at least at first) for doing so. 

Once you successfully complete a variety of tasks and your credibility rate rises, you may be eligible for higher paying tasks .

This site will connect people who need a task done with people who will get it done for a small fee. 

The fee is very small, we're talking about starting at .10 cents.  However, the task itself might be very small as well.

For example, you may be asked to follow someone on Twitter or post a comment on a blog, etc.

This website is very similar to Task Rabbit in that you are able to bid on jobs that people need help with. 

For example, pet sitting, cleaning a house, picking up groceries, mowing a lawn, etc.

You can bid on the job and if your bid is accepted, you can communicate with the individual that needs the task completed to negotiate a price.


This website yields another interesting way to make cash online or offline.

Basically, you would be running errands or checking on the condition of items and property for people who do not live in the immediate vicinity.

Ok, here's my disclaimer on this site:

The jobs go very quickly.  I'm talking, within 5 minutes.  So, unless you are checking your email often, (or unless you set up an e-mail notification alert on your phone) you might miss the opportunities that come from this company.  Just an FYI!

For more information on how it works, please click here!


This website offers anyone the opportunity to make a little extra money for coming up with unique and creative suggestions for domain names that website owners can purchase and register! 

For more information, check out my review on this company here.


Here's a company that I have recently heard of.  Like the other companies listed here, the job you will be performing may not pay you very much, I'm talking anywhere from $5-$50 a week depending on how often you work . 

Payment is via paypal . 

Basically the work includes listening to recorded calls over the phone and assigning them to their proper category.

The work is pretty easy in terms of ways to make cash online, and can be done from anywhere in the world, although I do caution those that are not native to the U.S. that the calls are in English and are spoken with an American accent, so if you are not familiar with English, then I wouldn't recommend this work because you will get paid depending on whether you assign calls to their proper category.

Here is a link to the Humanatic site

This company offers you the opportunity to make extra money sharing your own personal knowledge of differing topics with others.

Whether it be knowledge of Antiques, Medicine/Health, Law, Cars, Tutoring, Finance, Computer Support, etc. you can help others and make cash online as a result:

Click below to be taken to the site:

I love it when I have the option to make money from something as simple as taking pictures with my smartphone! is a company that offers the opportunity to make money off of the photos that you either:

-Already have on your smartphone


-Are willing to take using your smartphone

Sound interesting?  Check out their website below for more information:

Make cash online with

Easy Shift

Here is another yet another way to make a little extra cash on the side.  Whether it be on your lunch break or when you are running errands around town.

There is a company that has put out an app (it's free to download on your Smartphone)  that tells you odd jobs that need to be done around the city you live in , for some extra cash.

So whether it be taking photos, checking prices, or checking to see if a product is in stock, this might be a fun and easy way to make a little extra money.  The neat thing is that you have between 24-48 hours to complete these tasks, so you can plan them around your schedule.

Check out the company's website below for more information:


This company with the very clever name is offering a way to get paid to translate communications via text.

The company asserts that users can find a way to turn their native language into a "profitable skill".

Best of all, you can create your own schedule.  The pay starts at $8 per hour.  So, whether it's a hobby or a fun little side job that you do to make a little extra money, it seems to be a nice and fun way to do so:


Snagshout is a company that has recently come to my attention. 

This company seeks Amazon reviewers who would like to receive free or discounted items in return for posting an honest review about the item on  No, you are not getting paid for your reviews, but you can save quite a bit of money on a variety of products.  For example, ever since I started using Snagshout, I get all of my supplements and beauty products (lotions, face creams, exfoliators, moisturizers, eye creams) for free.  I have saved hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


Check out my page on this topic to find out more:

Click here to find out more.



Clickworker is a site that many overlook because it pays cents for your time.  The thing is, those cents add up after a while, and if you are pretty good at being accurate and yet quick when you work, those cents can add up to at least $15 an hour.  The best part of it is that this opportunity is open worldwide and  you can work when you want .  Find out more at my page on Clickworker found here.

There are many ways to make cash online legitimately, but please be cautious and remember that I always advise researching the company to make sure it is not a scam.  Remember that companies should never ask you to pay them, they should always pay you!

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